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  • Pig in the Fence

    Not exectly chess. This is a game that is played on a chessboard, with one white pawn (the pig) and four black pawns (the fence). Start the pig on e1, the fence on b8, d8, f8, h8.

    The pieces move diagonally. The pig can move forwards or backwards, the fence moves only forward. There is no jumping, only blocking. The pig's objective is make it past the fence to the far end of the board. The fence's objective is to force the pig backwards and eventually trap it on the edge of the board.

    This is very easy to learn, and is a great game to keep the children entertained in a back room during a large chess tournament, especially if you have a very large board with jumbo pieces.

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    We used to call it fox and hounds.


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      We knew it as the lonely checker.


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