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  • Senior events 2024 - 2025

    World Team Senior 2024 - Krakow, Jul 1 - Jul 12, 2024.

    World Senior 2024 - Porto Santo (Portugal) Nov 16 - Nov 29, 2024

    World Team Senior 2025 - Prague, Feb 16 - Feb 27, 2025

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    BC Senior this weekend has a new record registration - 41 players. Waiting to hear if there will be a Canadian Senior.
    Paul Leblanc
    Treasurer Chess Foundation of Canada


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      Does "senior" mean 65 years and older, or, in the chess community, 80 years and older? It seems that a passion for playing chess contributes to a calm and happy long life...


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        Originally posted by Cathy Ye View Post
        Does "senior" mean 65 years and older, or, in the chess community, 80 years and older?.
        50+ with separate events for 65+


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          Technically 50+ are veterans and 65+ seniors.


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            I believe Seniors 65+ are allowed to opt to play in the 50+ section.

            Is this right?

            Bob A (Older)


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              In which event Bob?


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                Hi Hans:

                Let's say the Toronto Seniors' Chess Championship, which is a regular, I believe, often, in the past, played at the Willowdale CC in Earl Bale's Park.

                I checked the CFC events list for the rest of 2024 & 2025, but it is not listed (Or I missed it). Was it played between Jan. 1 & May 16 this year (Last date is the current start of the CFC List)?

                Eureka! - Just found it on the Greater Toronto Chess League's website:

                2024 Toronto Seniors Chess Championship

                Who: GTA resident players (men and women of 50+ ages); CFC membership required
                Players are grouped into sections of 10 players by CFC rating (as of Sept 14).
                Sections: Championship and Reserve (maximum capacity: 20 players).
                To be placed in a section, the player’s entry fee must be paid and CFC membership expiry date must be Nov 23, 2024 or later.
                Winner of 2023 Reserve is entitled to a place in the 2024 Championship section.
                Winner of 2023 Reserves: Richard Garel.
                Registration: Ends Sept 14, 11:59pm.
                Game dates: Saturdays: Sept 21, 28; Oct 5, 19, 26; Nov 2, 9, 16, 23.
                The flyer at

                Unfortunately, the format of 10 player round-robins doesn't allow for me to pursue my question about senior tournaments with two sections: 50+ y.o. and 65+ y.o.

                Can someone suggest another seniors' tournament where these are the two sections? Is the FIDE World Seniors in Portugal (24/11/16-29) divided into these 2 sections? If so, can a 65+ player opt to play in the 50+ section?

                Bob A
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                  Sections in Seniors' Chess Tournaments

                  Regardless of what is happening on the ground, I would like to present to the world my sections for Senior's Tournaments:

                  50+ y.o. - "Veterans"
                  65+ y.o. - "Seniors"
                  80+ y.o. - "Spring Chickens"

                  Bob A


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                    Good idea Bob with the spring chickens but how many of those chickens are still active?


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                      It seems like every seniors tournament has a different organizer, so if you can convince the organizer you should be all set.


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                        Its my understanding that the Canadian Seniors has a veterans section (50+) and a seniors section (65+) and one should play in their appropriate age category.


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                          I inquired of Bob G whether his computer program could pull out the name of any current paid CFC member, 80+ y.o., who had played in a rated tournament (Standard) in the prior 2 years.

                          As I understood him, this is not possible with the current CFC program.

                          Bob G - am I right?

                          Bob A (79 y.o. next month)


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                            On FIDE site you can do advanced search. There are 8 active Canadian players born before 1945.



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                              Hi Victor:

                              Thanks! I'll check out the link. At least we'll find some of the 80+ active Canadians.

                              I guess there may be some more who may be playing in non-FIDE events where there are no FIDE-rated opponents.

                              I am not 80 y.o. 'til next year. But in the first 1/2 of 2024, I'll have played 13 Standard rated tournaments. I wonder if any of the other Canadian FIDE-rated 80+ are as active?

                              Bob A
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