Corus - Round 6

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  • Corus - Round 6

    One games is already over: Ivanchuk - Nakamura 1/2

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    Re : Corus - Round 6

    What an impressive tournament for Shirov! If he wins this game he would have 6 on 6...


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      Shirov-Short 1/2

      Shirov's amazing run of five straight wins out of the gate has finally come to an end. Nigel Short succeeded in drawing a closed Ruy Lopez. Shirov still leads the tournament with 5.5 points.


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        Re: Corus - Round 6

        Short is starting to play stronger. I can imagine what comments he is going to come up with :)

        It also looks like Nakamura and Carlsen were pretty tired from yesterday and had early draws.

        I think it is takes balls for Van Wely to play the KID against Kramnik. That game also looks like a draw.