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  • Quebec Open : Combinations Contest

    Hi everyone,
    The Quebec chess federation, under the Sponge Towel Quebec Open championship, is organising a combinations contest.

    What you need to participate:

    1- You need to send us one of your games from the COQ 2010 in which you would have played a combination, whether it's hard to find or not.

    2- In addition to the full game, you need to indicate which move(s) could make a puzzle. You can give some explanations or series of moves with it.

    3- The combination needs to give a concrete advantage to the player and it needs to be clearly superior than all other possible moves.

    4- We keep the right to choose which puzzles will be in our next magazine (Échecs +) or on the Internet.

    A great book, Champions of the New Millennium,autographed by the author Danny Kopec, will be drawn from the players of the selected combinations:

    Possessing myself a copy of it, I can assure you that it is one of the best book I ever read. There are the biography and some games of 18 players who marked the 21st century.

    You can send me your games by private messages on Chesstalk or by e-mail to master-chief12 at hotmail dot com . Hurry up, the contest will only last one week from now!