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    Cost to enter goes up on June 1, 2019...register now! We have a lot of Americans registered...I guess I did not do enough advertising on this side of the border...I assumed Canadian participation would be a no-brainer...alas...so I have just put Francis and Virginie at work on making a difference here.. :)

    We are aiming for 300 players.

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      Originally posted by Larry Bevand View Post
      We have a lot of Americans registered...
      A link?



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        Originally posted by Egidijus Zeromskis View Post

        A link?

        I'll start posting the Pre-Registered Lists tonite:)


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          First Name Last Name City
          Noah Bai Montreal
          Richard Bocan Montréal
          Alyssa Changkachith Garden Grove
          Trina Chatterjee Saratoga
          Angela Chen Seattle
          Ryan Cheung Jericho
          Angelica Chin Clinton
          Jonathan Chin Clinton
          Carina D’Souza Toronto
          Siddhi Dahale North York
          Queena Deng Diamond Bar
          Tim Deng Diamond Bar
          Jean Charles Dussault Quebec
          Mathieu Duval Laval
          Roween Geillon--Barral Montréal
          Danylo Glinnyi
          Sara Gupta Los Angeles
          Neeraj Harish Redmond
          Emma He
          Ryan Huang Oakville
          Winston Huang Vancouver
          Zhiqi Ryan Huang New Westminster
          Fikirte Hunt New York
          Mark Ivanescu Edmonton
          Matthew George Ivanescu Edmonton
          Barron Jiyu Jiang Montréal
          Tianhui (Cindy) Jie Gainesville
          Dorian Kang Aurora
          Rianne Ke Laguna Hills
          William Landstrom Manotick
          Vincent Latorre Montréal
          Abigail Lee Mclean
          Elliott Lee Mclean
          Yesun Lee Fremont
          Annie Leyi Li Saint-Laurent
          Thomas Li Roslyn Road
          Weijie Li Jericho
          Jason Liang Ashburn
          Leo Lin Saskatoon
          Henry Liu Mississauga
          Lily Liu Toronto
          Maximillian Lu Greenwich
          Jacky Luan West Vancouver
          Deren Mai Laval
          Arnav Mane Richmond Hill
          Ethan Modi Palisades Park
          Aibike Myrzaibraimova Winnipeg
          Alia Myrzaibraimova Winnipeg
          Alex Ouellette Windsor
          Rohan Padhye Toledo
          Linda Pham Chicago
          Frank Prestia Lloyd Harbor
          Paris Prestia Lloyd Harbor
          Sebastian Prestia Lloyd Harbor
          Liam Henry Putnam Coram
          Wang Rachel Zihan Longueuil
          Vishruth Sharma Mississauga
          Michael Shi Nepean
          Jed Sloan New York
          Arjun Soni Fairlawn
          Carah Su Chelmsford
          Kevin Su Herndon
          Leo Su Herndon
          Tyler Taira Tanaka Westmount
          Benjamin Tang San Diego
          Omya Vidyarthi Campbell
          Vyom Vidyarthi Campbell
          Andrew Pincong Wang Oakville
          Derek Wang Kanata
          Isabelle Wang Lasalle
          William Kaiyuan Wang
          Xiuqi(Arthur) Wang Unionville
          Zhixing(Daniel) Wang Unionville
          Natalie Wisniowski Chicago
          Eric Wu Princeton
          Jacob Wu Westford
          Rochelle Wu Davis
          Jayden Xu El Macero
          Adelynne Yang San Marino
          Andersen Yang San Marino
          Brian Yang Richmond
          Kevin Yang San Diego
          Larry Yang North York
          Ryan Jingyun Yang Richmond
          Callum Yoker Belle River
          Noah Nathaniel Yuen Richmond Hill
          Arthur Zhang Temple City
          Joyce Zhang Surrey
          Kevin Zhang Montréal
          Kevin Zhang Temple City
          Michelle Zhang West Roxbury
          Jeffrey Renfei Zhao Markham
          Richard Qinghe Zheng Montreal
          April Zhong North York
          Ryan Zhong North York
          Celina Zhou Saint Louis
          Iris Zhou Creve Coeur
          Kyle Zhuang Fairfax
          Davis Zong New York
          Zichen Roger Zuo Toronto


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            Originally posted by Francis Rodriguez View Post

            I'll start posting the Pre-Registered Lists tonite:)
            Could you include sections too? thnx.


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              Is there a printable flyer?


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                Name City / Ville
                Girls Under 8 years old
                Alia Myrzaibraimova Winnipeg, Manitoba

                Girls Under 10
                Siddhi Dahale North York, Ontario
                Linda Pham Chicago, Illinois
                Abbie Wu
                Jingyao Yang

                Girls Under 12
                Angela Chen Seattle, Washington
                Sara Gupta Los Angeles, California
                Abigail Lee McLean, Virginia
                Yesun Lee Fremont, California
                Lily Liu Toronto, Ontario
                Rachel Zihan Wang Longueuil, Quebec
                Omya Vidyarthi Campbell, California
                Adelynne Yang San Marino, California
                Joyce Zhang Surrey, British Columbia
                April Zhong North York, Ontario
                Celina Zhou Saint Louis, Missouri

                Girls Under 14
                Alyssa Changkachith Garden Grove, California
                Carina D'Souza Toronto, Ontario
                Rianne Ke Laguna hills, California
                Aibike Myrzaibraimova Winnipeg, Manitoba
                Natalie Wisniowski Chicago, Illinois
                Michelle Zhang West Roxbury, Massachusetts

                Girls Under 16
                Emma He
                Carah Su Chelmsford, Massachusetts
                Isabelle Wang Lasalle, Quebec
                Iris Zhou Creve Coeur, Missouri

                Girls Under 18
                Trina Chatterjee Saratoga, California
                Angelica Chin Clinton, New Jersey
                Queena Deng Diamond Bar, California
                Fikirte Hunt New York, New York
                Tianhui (Cindy) Jie Gainesville

                Open Under 8 years old
                Noah Bai Montréal, Quebec
                Mathieu Duval Laval, Quebec
                Heye Gao
                Hugo Guillemette
                Matthew George Ivanescu Edmonton, Alberta
                Arjun Soni Fairlawn, Ohio
                Kaiyuan William Wang Ontario
                Xiuqi (Arthur) Wang Unionville, Ontario
                Ryan Zhong North York, Ontario
                Kyle Zhuang Fairfax, Virginia

                Open Under 10
                Danylo Glinnyi
                Neeraj Harish Redmond, Washington
                Ryan Huang Oakville, Ontario
                Winston Huang Vancouver, British Columbia
                Jiyu Barron Jiang Montréal, Quebec
                Leo Lin Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
                Jacky Luan West Vancouver, British Columbia
                Arnav Mane Richmond Hill, Ontario
                Sebastian Prestia Lloyd Harbor, New York
                Michael Shi Nepean, Ontario
                Leo Su Herndon, Virginia
                Benjamin Tang San Diego, California
                Jacob Wu Westford, Massachusetts
                Jingyun Ryan Yang Richmond, British Columbia
                Andersen Yang San Marino, California
                Larry Yang North York, Ontario
                Arthur Zhang Temple City, California
                Roger Zichen Zuo Toronto, Ontario

                Open Under 12
                Richard Bocan Montréal, Quebec
                Ryan Cheung Jericho, New York
                Roween Geillon-Barral Montréal, Quebec
                Vincent Latorre Montréal, Quebec
                Leyi Annie Li Saint-Laurent, Quebec
                Thomas Li Roslyn Road, New York
                Jason Liang Ashburn, Virginia
                Henry Liu Mississauga, Ontario
                Rohan Padhye Toledo, Ohio
                Frank Prestia Lloyd Harbor, New York
                Liam Henry Putnam Coram, New York
                Vishruth Sharma Mississauga, Ontario
                Jed Sloan New York, New York
                Atharva Srinivas
                Kevin Su Herndon, Virginia
                Vyon Vidyarthi Campbell, California
                Pincong Andrew Wang Oakville, Ontario
                Derek Wang Kanata, Ontario
                Zhixing Daniel Wang Unionville, Ontario
                Jayden Xu El Macero, California
                Noah Nathaniel Yuen Richmond Hill, Ontario
                Kevin Zhang
                Zixuan Johnson Zhou

                Open Under 14
                Zhiqi Ryan Huang New Westminster, British Columbia
                Mark Ivanescu Edmonton, Alberta
                Dorian Kang Aurora, Ontario
                William Landstrom Manotick, Ontario
                Elliott Lee McLean, Virginia
                Weijie Li Jericho, New York
                Deren Mai Laval, Quebec
                Ethan Modi Palisades Park, New Jersey
                Alex Ouellette Windsor, Ontario
                Paris Prestia Lloyd Harbor, New York
                Taira Tanaka Westmount, Quebec
                Eric Wu Princeton, New Jersey
                Callum Yoker Belle River, Ontario
                Kevin Zhang
                Renfei Zhao Markham, Ontario
                Qinghe Zheng Montréal, Quebec
                Davis Zong New York, New York

                Open Under 16
                Jonathan Chin Clinton, New Jersey
                Tim Deng Diamond Bar, California
                Maximillian Lu Greenwich,
                Gabriel Tinica
                Brian Yang Richmond, British Columbia
                Kevin Yang San Diego, California

                Open Under 18
                Rochelle Wu Davis, California
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                  From personal experience, I would highly recommend simply using only FIDE ratings for pairing purposes. Once you start injecting four rating systems the situation becomes a mess and you won't be able to start on time and people will be complaining that their latest rating should have led to a different pairing.

                  Also, don't take any last minute checks. They will bounce.


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                    2019 North American Youth Chess Championships!

                    The Chess'n Math Association (CMA), the Chess Federation of Canada (CFC) and the World Chess Federation (FIDE) in collaboration with Tourism Kingston, are pleased to invite youth to the 16th Annual North American Youth Championship

                    ELIGIBILITY : Players under 18 years old (as of Jan 1, 2019) from Canada, the U.S.A., Mexico and Bahamas.

                    WHERE : QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY, Ban Righ Hall, 10 Bader Lane , Kingston Ontario

                    SCHEDULE :
                    • Opening Banquet (Ban Righ Hall) August 15, 2019 6pm Cost is $25
                    • August 16: Rd 1 - 10am, Rd 2 - 4pm
                    • August 17: Rd 3 - 10am, Rd 4 - 4pm
                    • August 18: Rd 5 - 10am, Rd 6 - 4pm
                    • August 19: Rd 7 - 10am, Rd 8 - 4pm
                    • August 20: Rd 9 - 10am, Closing Ceremony 3pm, Blitz 3:30pm ($25, on-site - $35)
                    LODGING :

                    -Queen's University. These are top notch accommodations at University Residence pricing! We have special rates but you must register by June 15, 2019 to take advantage of them. Reserve early as space is limited.

                    Go to: https://reservations.eventservices.queensu.ca
                    Group code is 314693
                    Pin Code is 0506
                    or you can call Connie Boisvert at 613-533-6000 ext 75470.

                    -Ambassador Hotel, 1550 Princess Street, Kingston, ON K7M 9E3

                    Special price per night :
                    • Thursday, August 15 at $129 plus taxes.
                    • Friday, August 16 at $155 plus taxes.
                    • Saturday, August 17 at $155 plus taxes.
                    • Sunday, August 18 at $109 plus taxes.
                    • Monday, August 19 at $109 plus taxes.
                    Deadline for reservation is July 8, 2019 (limited number of rooms at this rate).
                    Reservations : 1-800-267-7880 or reservations@ambassadorhotel.com
                    Group name : 2019 North American Youth Chess Championship
                    Ambassador Hotel is about 6 km (less than 4 miles) from the playing site.

                    PRIZES: Trophies for the top 5 players in each section Possibility of international titles.

                    FORMAT : 9 ROUNDS, SWISS SYSTEM

                    TIME CONTROL : Game in 90 minutes plus 30 second increment per move.

                    REGISTRATION : $200 if you pay before June 1st, this includes $27 for FIDE America, Ontario taxes of 13% and all rating fees. Amounts are in Canadian dollars.

                    Valid CFC Membership is required ($32) for Canadian citizens and residents. Quebec players are not required to be CFC members but they must be members of the FQE. This can be purchased at the time of registration. Roster changes (change of section, change of name of qualified player or withdrawal) after July 20, 2019 will be charged $50.

                    Click here for more details

                    CONTACT PERSON:
                    Larry Bevand

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                      Originally posted by Vlad Drkulec View Post
                      Is there a printable flyer?
                      Here is the printable flyer link: https://chess-math.org/pdf/toronto/NAYCC_2019.pdf


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                        Chess’ n Math Association(CMA),the Chess Federation of Canada加拿大国际象棋联合会(CFC)和the World Chess Federation世界国际象棋联合会(FIDE)与Kingston旅游局合作, 很高兴邀请青少年参加第16届北美青年锦标赛


                        地点: QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY,Ban Righ Hall,10 Bader Lane,Kingston Ontario


                        •开幕式宴会(Ban Righ Hall)8月15 日, 2019 下午六点 费用: $25
                        •8月16日:第一回合- 上午10点, 第二回合-下午4点
                        •8月17日:第三回合- 上午10点,第四回合- 下午4点
                        •8月18日:第五回合- 上午10点,第六回合- 下午4点
                        •8月19日:第七回合- 上午10点,第八回合- 下午4点
                        •8月20日:第九回合- 9点至10点,闭幕式下午3点,闪电战3点30分(现在报名-$25,现场报名- $35)


                        -皇后大学宿舍. 这些都是大学宿舍价位的顶级住宿!我们有特价,但您必须在2019年6月15日之前注册才能使用优惠。由于空间有限,请尽早预订


                        Group Code: 314693
                        Pin Code: 0506
                        或者您可以致电Connie Boisvert - 613-533-6000转75470

                        -Ambassador Hotel,1550 Princess Street, Kingston, ON K7M 9E3

                        • 星期四, 8月15日,$129加税。
                        • 星期五, 8月16日,$155加税。
                        • 星期六, 8月17日,$155加税。
                        • 星期日, 8月18日,$109加税。
                        • 星期一, 8月19日,$109加税。

                        预定 : 1-800-267-7880 或者 reservations@ambassadorhotel.com
                        团体名称:2019年北美青少年国际象棋锦标赛(2019 North American Youth Chess Championship)
                        Ambassador Hotel酒店距离比赛场地约6公里(不到4英里)。

                        奖品 : 每个小组的前五名可以获得奖杯也有可能得到国际资格头衔


                        形式:9个回合 ,SWISS SYSTEM

                        注册:如果您在6月1日之前付款,则需要200加元,其中包括FIDE America的$27,安大略省的13%税率和所有评级费用。金额以加元计算。

                        加拿大公民和居民需要有效的CFC会员资格($32)。魁北克选手不要求是CFC成员,但他们必须是FQE的成员。这可以在注册时购买。 2019年7月20日之后的名单变更(更改参赛组,更改合格选手名称或退出)将收取 $50。
                        Click here 更多细节请点击这里

                        Larry Bevand


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                          NAYCC 2019 Du 15 au 20 Août 2019

                          L’Association Échecs et Maths (AEM), la Fédération canadienne des échecs (FCE) et la Fédération internationale des échecs (FIDE), en collaboration avec Tourisme Kingston, ont le plaisir d’inviter les jeunes à participer à la 16e édition des Championnats jeunesse d’échecs d’Amérique du nord (NAYCC)

                          ADMISSIBILITÉ : Joueurs âgés de moins de 18 ans (au 1 er janvier 2019) originaires du Canada, des États-Unis, du Mexique et des Bahamas.

                          ENDROIT : UNIVERSITÉ QUEEN, Ban Righ Hall, 10 Bader Lane, Kingston Ontario

                          HORAIRE :
                          • Banquet d'ouverture (Ban Righ Hall) le 15 août 2019 à 18h00. Le coût est de 25 $.
                          • 16 août: Ronde 1 - 10h, Ronde 2 - 16h
                          • 17 août: Ronde 3 - 10h, Ronde 4 - 16h
                          • 18 août: Ronde 5 - 10h, Ronde 6 - 16h
                          • 19 août: Ronde 7 - 10h, Ronde 8 - 16h
                          • 20 août: Ronde 9 - 10h, Cérémonie de clôture 15h, Blitz 15h30 (25 $, sur place 35 $).
                          HÉBERGEMENT :

                          -Résidences de l’Université Queen. Ce sont des logements de premier ordre au prix des résidences universitaires! Nous avons des tarifs spéciaux, mais vous devez vous inscrire avant le 15 juin 2019 pour en profiter. Réservez tôt car les places sont limitées.

                          Allez à (site en anglais): https://reservations.eventservices.queensu.ca

                          Le code de groupe est 314693

                          Le code PIN est 0506

                          ou vous pouvez appeler Connie Boisvert au 613-533-6000, poste 75470.

                          -Ambassador Hotel,1550 Princess Street, Kingston, ON K7M 9E3

                          Prix spécial par nuité :
                          • Jeudi le 15 août, 129$ plus taxes.
                          • Vendredi le 16 août, 155$ plus taxes.
                          • Samedi le 17 août, 155$ plus taxes.
                          • Dimanche le 18 août, 109$ plus taxes.
                          • Lundi le 19 août, 109$ plus taxes.
                          Date limite pour la réservation est le 8 juillet 2019 (nombre limité de chambres à ce tarif).

                          Réservation : 1-800-267-7880 ou reservations@ambassadorhotel.com

                          Nom du groupe : 2019 North American Youth Chess Championship

                          L'hotel Ambassador se trouve à environ 6 km du site du tournoi.

                          PRIX : Trophées aux 5 meilleurs joueurs de chaque section. Possibilité de normes internationales.

                          CADENCE: 90 minutes plus 30 secondes d’incrémentation par coup.

                          FORMAT: 9 RONDES, SYSTÈME SUISSE

                          FRAIS D’INSCRIPTION : 200$ si payé avant le 1er juin 2019 ,incluent les frais de 27 $ pour FIDE America, les taxes de 13% de l’Ontario et tous les frais de cotation. Les montants sont en dollars canadiens.

                          Une carte de membre valide de la FCE est requise (32 $) pour les citoyens canadiens et les résidents. Les joueurs québécois ne sont pas obligés d'être membre de la FCE, mais ils doivent être membres de la FQE. La carte de membre de la FCE / FQE peut être acheté au moment de l'inscription. Les changements (changement de section, changement de nom du joueur qualifié ou retrait) demandés après le 20 juillet 2019 seront facturés 50 $.

                          Cliquez ici pour davantage d'informations

                          PERSONNE CONTACT:

                          Larry Bevand



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                            Francis, is the Chinese version translated by Google?

                            Do we allow kids from China register for this event? I know many kids planning visit Canada during the summer break, they may have interest for this top level tournament


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                              Originally posted by Grey Guo View Post
                              Francis, is the Chinese version translated by Google?

                              Do we allow kids from China register for this event? I know many kids planning visit Canada during the summer break, they may have interest for this top level tournament
                              It is supposed to be for Canadians, Americans, Mexicans and one or two other countries who are granted exceptions by FIDE America. There are corresponding similar tournaments for Asia where Canadians would not be allowed. If the person is an immigrant to Canada then they would be allowed to play but it might get tricky if they have a Chinese FIDE ID or even if they don't and would intend to compete in China. In the latter case. they would get a Canadian FIDE ID which might require payment of a hefty FIDE transfer fee in order to compete in China.


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                                Originally posted by Grey Guo View Post
                                Francis, is the Chinese version translated by Google?

                                Do we allow kids from China register for this event? I know many kids planning visit Canada during the summer break, they may have interest for this top level tournament
                                Hi Grey,

                                Actually the translation's been done by my admin asstts. Yufan and Kaiyu
                                Could you let us know where's the ambiguity/mistake, and we'll make the correction.
                                (the event is only open to N.American countries:)


                                Francis Rodrigues, LLB - Regional Director
                                Strategy Games & The Chess'n Math Association
                                tel: 416-488-5506; 416-486-3395; 647-232-6014 (cell)
                                701 Mt. Pleasant Road, Toronto, ON, M4S 2N4

                                fax: 416-486-4637; website: www.chess-math.org