Kalev Pugi Fund - 2021 Recipients

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  • Kalev Pugi Fund - 2021 Recipients

    Our apologies for a process longer than usual this year (mostly due to the new scholarship). We are now ready to announce the 2021 Kalev Pugi Award recipients:

    1) For the Women's post-secondary scholarship - Maili-Jade Ouellet

    2) For the Kalev Pugi Fund - Anthony Atanasov and Svitlana Demchenko

    Congratulations to the winners but also to the strong field of applicants this year again!


    Felix Dumont, Michael Lo, Christina Tao
    Kalev Pugi Fund Committee

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    Hi Felix,

    This is great! We all appreciate the contribution that Kalev and his family have made to this fund!

    I have a few questions:

    How much is in the fund?

    How much was generated in the last fiscal year?

    Care to share the amounts that each recipient received.?



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      Hi Larry. i can answer the first two questions.
      There is 30,504 in the Pugi Fund. That includes the 10,000 donated by Andres Pugi in memory of his father.
      The Pugi Fund handed over 1,080 to the CFC this year.
      Paul Leblanc
      Treasurer Chess Foundation of Canada


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        This year's awards will be:
        - $450 for the Women's post-secondary scholarship (the amount will be the same every year)
        - Two awards of ~$461 for the Kalev Pugi Fund (note that we usually award 3 awards of $307 each, but decided to award 2 larger awards this year considering the increased cost of travel).

        This sums up to a little bit more than the $1,080 generated this year, thanks to an additional contribution from the youth fund to complete the women's post-secondary scholarship (since we only had a partial year of interest on it).



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          Thanks Paul and Félix for the info...keep up the good work!