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  • Solutions to the Beauty of Problems

    Post 1 Giegold 1.Rf5 if 1...e5, 2.Rxe5 mate. if 1...Kxf5, 2.Bc2 mate, if 1...exf5, 2.Bf3 mate

    Post 5 Rinck 1.Ndf4, b2 2.g6+, Kh6 3.g7, b1=Q 4.g8=N+, Kh7 5.Ng5+, Kh8 6.Nf7+, Kh7 7.Nf6 mate or 1.Ndf4, a2 2.g6+, Kh6 3.g7, a1=Q 4.g8=N+, Kh7 5.Ng5+, Kh8 6.Ng6 mate

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    Post 6 Troitzky 1.Ng3+, Kd4 2.Rc8, Qxc8 3.Nf5+, Kc4 4.b4+, K any 5.Nd6+ or Nc7+ winning the queen.

    Post 7 Troitzky 1.Nf5+, Kc5 2.d4+, Kb4 3.Nf5-e7, Re8 or Ra8 4.Nd5+, Kb5 5.Nc7+ winning the rook.

    Post 9 Troitzky 1.Rf5+, Kg7 2.Kh3, g1=Q 3.Rg5+, B or Q captures R stalemate
    or 1.Rf5+, Ke7 2.Re5+, K any 3.Re1, Bxe1 4.Kh3, g1=Q or R stalemate, or g1=N+ 5.Kg2, Ne2 6.Kf1 and 7. KxB or KxN draw


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      Post 13 Troitzky 1.c6,b2 2.c7, b1=Q 3.c8=Q+, Ka7 4.Qc7+, Ka8 5.Bg2+, Be4 6.Qh7 and next move White wins queen or checkmate soon.

      Post 14 Rinck 1.Nf7+, Ke4 2.Bd5+, Kf5 3.Nh6+, Ke5 4.Ng4+, Kf5 5.Ne3+, Ke5 6.Nc4+, Kf5 7.Be6+, Ke4 8.Bc8, Qc6 9.Bb7, Qxb7 10.Nc4-d6+, exd6 11.Nxd6+ wins queen

      Post 15 Taimanov-Kusminich 1.Ng6, Nh7 2.Rxe6, fxe6 3.Qxd8+, Qxd8 4.Bxe6 mate

      Post 16 MacKenzie 1.Qa2 White mates next move

      Post 17 Lane 1.Qa2 White mates next move


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        Post 19 Al - Adli 1.Nh5+, Rxh5 2.Rxg6+, Kxg6 3.Re6 mate

        Post 22 Kopec-Condie 1.Ng6+. fxg6 2.Nh4. Qb4 3.Nxg6+, Kh7 4.Nf8+, Kh8 5.Qh7+, Nxh7 6.Ng6 mate

        Post 23 Rousseau-Saint Amand 1.Ne7+, Kh8 2.Bxg7+, Kxg7 3.Qg5+, Kh8 4.Qf6 mate

        Post 24 Rosenblatt-Wolk 1.Rb8, Rxb8 2.Bxe5+, Kg8 3.Bxb8 and wins

        Post 29 Nakagawa-Day 1.h5, Kd6 2.g5 fxg5 3.fxg5, Ke6 4.gxh6, Kf6 5.Kxb5 and wins (zugzwang)


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          Post 30 Ljubojevic-Browne 1....Kd5 2.b4 f5 3.b5 f4 4.b6 Kc6 5.Ka6, f3 6.b7 f2 7.b8=Q, f1=Q+ 8.Ka5, Qa1+ 9.Kb4, Qb1+ wins queen.

          Post 32 Loman-Lasker 1....Rc4+ 2.Kg5, Rh4 3.Kxh4, g5+ 4.Kxg5, Kg7 and wins.

          Post 33 Gurevich 1.Nd5+, Ke4 2.Bf3+, Kf5 3.Bxh1 and wins or 2...Kxf3 3.Nd2+, Kg2 4.Nf4+, Kg1 or Kh2 5.Nf3 mate

          Post 34. Kubbel 1.Qa1, 0-0 2.Ne7 mate or 1...Kf8 2.Qxh8 mate or 1...other Black moves 2.Qa8 mate

          Post 35 Curnock 1.Kb2, a4 2.Kc3, a3 3.Kd4, a5 4.Ke5 a4 5.Kf6, g4 6.Kg7+, Kh5 7.Ng3 mate


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            Post 36 Lazard 1.b4, cxb3 2.c4+, dxc3 3.d4, exd3 4.e4+, fxe3 5.f4, gxf3 6.Rb5 mate

            Post 37 Wainwright 1.Nc4, Kxc5 2.Nd6, Kd5 3.Ne4, Ke5 4.Nf6, Kf5 5.Ng4, Kg5 6.Nh6, Kh5 7.Nf7, Kh4 8.Rh6 mate

            Post 38 Hendel 1.b4, Kd7 2.b5, Kc8 3.b6,Kd7 4.b7, Kc6 5.b8=N mate

            Post 39 Fahrni 1.Nc5, Rxb6 2.Kxb6+, Kb8 3.Na6+, Ka8 4.Nc7+, Kb8 5.Ra8+, Bxa8 6.Na6 mate

            Post 40 Kohnlein 1.Kc1, Ba4 2.Kd1, Ra5 3.b5, Rxb5 4.Ne8 any 5.Nf6 mate


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              Post 42 Palatz 1.Kd1, dxe5 2.Kc1, exd4 3.Kb1, dxe3 4.Ka1, e2 5.Qb1 mate

              Post 43 Reti 1. Kh1 zugzwang

              Post 44 Kurchkin 1.Rb1, Rab5 2.Ra1+, Ra4 3.Nd6, Rc7+ 4.Nb7+, Rxb7+ 5.Kxb7, Rxa1 6.Ra6+ and wins. or 1...Rcb5 2.Nd4, Rxb6 3.Rb5+, Rxb5 4.Nc6 mate

              Post 45 Belenkin 1.Nf6, Qa7 2.Ra8, Qxa8 3.axb7, Qa7 4.b8=N, Kc5 5.Kd3, Qa8 6.Nf6-d7+, Kd5 7.c4 mate. or instead 4...Qxb8 5.Nd7+ wins queen.

              Post 46 Anderssen 1.Ne8, Kxh5 2.Ng7+, Kh4 3.Kf4, h5 4.Nf5 mate.


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                Post 48 Kasparyan 1.Nd1, Rxa4 2.Nc3+, Kb4 3.Kd4, b5 4.Ne4, d6 5.Nc5 ,dxc5+ 6.Kd3, c4+ 7.Kd4, c3 8.dxc3 mate

                Post 49 Selesniev 1.f6, Rg8 2.Rf7, d2 3.fxg7+, Rxg7 4.Kxh6, d1=Q 5.Rf8+, Rg8 6.g7 mate

                Post 50 Kubbel 1.Bc2, if Kc4 2.Qxd4 mate, if 1...Ke6 2.Qf5 mate, if 1...N any 2.Bb3 mate, if 1...Bxc5 2.Nc7 mate, if 1...Be5 2.Qf7 mate, if B any other move 2.Qe4 mate

                Post 51 Jung 1.Nc7+, Kxc5 2.Qf8 mate

                Post 53 Van Eelde 1.Qa6, bxa6 2.Bxc6 mate, if 1....Nxa6 2.Bxc6 mate, if 1....Nd3+ 2.Bxd3 mate, if 1....Nc2+ 2.Bxc2 mate

                Post 54 Wormald 1.Qh1, Kxb6 2.Nc4 mate


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                  Post 55 Vallejo 1.Ne6, Nd5 2.Qe5+, Nxe5 3.Nd6 mate, if 1...Kf5 2.Nd4+, Ke4 3.Ng5 mate.

                  Post 56 Beasley - not 1.Bf6?, Rxf6+ 2.Qb6, Rd6! zugzwang! and stalemate next. correct is 1.Bd6, Rxd6+ 2.Qb6 and black is in zugzwang. 2....Rxb6+ 3.axb6, Kb8 4.b7, Kc7 5.Ka7 and white promotes to queen or rook to win.


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                    Post 58 Walter Langweil 1.Kc4, Ra8 2.Qxa8 mate, if 1...Rb7 2.Qa4 mate, if 1...Ka5 2.Qb5 mate.

                    Post 59 Kubbel 1.Rd5, B any 2.b4 mate, if 1...c4 2.b4 mate.

                    Post 60 1.Bf6, gxf6 2.Kf8, f5 3.Nf7 mate.


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                      Originally posted by Hans Jung View Post
                      Post 58 Walter Langweil 1.Kc4, Ra8 2.Qxa8 mate, if 1...Rb7 2.Qa4 mate, if 1...Ka5 2.Qb5 mate.

                      Post 59 Kubbel 1.Rd5, B any 2.b4 mate, if 1...c4 2.b4 mate.

                      Post 60 1.Bf6, gxf6 2.Kf8, f5 3.Nf7 mate.
                      Yes, I do find these absolutely gorgeous! THANKS!


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                        Post 62 Steven Galen 1.Be8, Kxe8 2.Rf1, Kd8 3.Rf8 mate.

                        Post 63 Steven Galen 1.Nf8, Kxf8 2.Ke6, Ke8 3.Rg8 mate or 1...Kd8, 2.Rc1, Ke8 3.Rc8 mate

                        Post 64 Steven Galen 1.gxh8 = R, Kd4 2.Rh5, Kd3 3.Rd5 mate.


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                          Post 72 Steven Galen 1.e8 =N, Bxg4 2.Nxg4 and mate next, if 1....Bxe8 2.Nf5 etc.

                          Post 73 Steven Galen 1.Ba3, d6 2.Bb2, cxb2 3.c4 mate zugzwang is the prime motif.

                          Post 74 Steven Galen 1.Rb5, cxb5 2.Kxc5, b4 3.Kc4, b3 4.cxb3 mate also zugzwang motif.

                          Post 75 Steven Galen 1.0-0, Kh4 2.Kf2, g3+ 3.Ke1, Kh5 4.Rh1 mate. Note the castling and uncastling.

                          Post 77 Steven Galen 1.Bxf6, gxf6 2.Rxh6+, Kg7 3.Rh7 mate. 1.Rxh6+, gxh6 2.Bf6+, Rxf6 3.Rd8+, Rf8 4.Rxf8+, Kg7 5.Rf7+, Kh8 6.Rh7 mate is good but it's mate in six.


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                            Post 78 Steven Galen 1.Bf7+, Bxf7 2.Rh8+, Kxh8 3.Kxf7, B any 4.Bxg7 mate.

                            Post 80 Steven Galen 1.Qe4 zugzwang and mate next move.

                            Post 81 Steven Galen 1...Qf6 zugzwang and mate next move.

                            Post 82 Bouaziz-Miles, Riga 1979 1...Rxh3 2.Kxh3, Qh1+ 3.Qh2, Qxf3+ 4.Kh4, Be7+ 5.Kh5, g6+ 6.Kh6, Qe3+ 7.Qf4, Qxf4+ 8.g5, B or Qxg5 mate.

                            Post 83 Miles-Schneider, Philadelphia 1980 1.Qxf8+, Qxf8 2.Ne7+, Kh7 3.Rxf8, b2 4.Ng6, fxg6 5.hxg6+, Kxg6 6.Rxf1 and wins.


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                              Post 84 Bielefellt and Cabrera 2024. !.Ne6, Kxe6 2.Qxf7 mate or 1...Bxe6 2.Qe4 mate or 1...dxe6 2.Rd8 mate or 1...fxe6 2.Qxd7 mate

                              Post 85 Rinck 1928 1.Na5+, Ka3 2.Bc5+, Ka2 3.Ra4 Mate or 1...Kc3 2.Rb4, Kxb4 3.Nc6+ or 2...Qxb4 3.Bd2+ Kd3 or Kd4 4.Bxb4 or 2...Qg8 3.Rb3+ Qxb3 4.Bd2+, Kd3 or Kd4 5.Bxb4 and then you have to mate with knight and bishop.

                              Post 86 If 1.Kf2 , Ng6 2.Kf1 Nf4 3.Kf2 Nd3 and Black wins, therefore 1.Kf1 is the correct move to draw.

                              There is so much knowledge in chess that the learning never ends. I find these types of endgame puzzles fascinating.

                              I am tempted from Post 85 above to compose positions with N,B,B vs Q or N,N,B vs Q or even N,N,N vs Q. Coordination of three minor pieces vs the queen holds a particular fascination for me.
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