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    Upcoming Chess Books

    September 5, 2020

    Early this year I heard that a new book on Adolf Anderssen had been published and I wrote to the author,
    Robert Johnson, and purchased a copy. In due course, Robert informed me that it had been tracked to Canada on July 13. After that it may or may not have come to my house and then, abruptly, sent back to Australia without my ever having received notice that it was here.

    Because of Covid-19, the mails are all screwed up. With few flights, air freight is at a premium. Post offices are buried under mail and packages. I am waiting for a second posted copy.

    This is how an English vendor describes the book:

    Robert Johnson: Adolf Anderssen. Combinative Chess Genius. An Autobiography with 80 Annotated Games.

    Self-published, Australia, 2020. Large heavy hardback (22 x 30cm), pictorial covers. 353pp., 36 fine large photos (3 in colour of Anderssen's grave), comprises ten chapters with biography and 80 annotated games using contemporary annotations where possible, appendix with Steinitz's Obituary of Anderssen, bibliography and indexes. Printed on high quality paper with large type and diagrams. The author has "endeavoured to present the fullest, most accurate possible account of Anderssen's life in English." A superb book. Signed and dated by the author on the endpaper.

    One has a rare opportunity of hearing a review of the book on YouTube by Jeffrey Baffo:


    I am waiting for my copy to come!


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      Upcoming Chess Books

      September 5, 2020

      Three recent chess novels

      Spurious Games

      By David Jenkins

      Troubador Publishing, 2020
      Paperback, 330 pages

      Publisher’s Blurb

      A local chess player is discovered dead, his untimely end seeming suspicious. Detective Inspector John Logos of Cornwall's St Borstal Constabulary is called in to investigate what turns out to be a serial killer running amok in the sedate contemplative world of Cornish chess. The detectives quickly find themselves as pawns in the game of an arrogant mastermind calling himself 'The Turk' who taunts them with chess-related clues. Baffled, they call in Caradoc Pritchard, an eccentric Welsh Professor, serial iconoclast and expert in forensic profiling. Together they must work against the clock to predict the killer's next move.

      As the action comes to a dramatic climax only one player can win, but only if he avoids stalemate.

      A literary novel of ideas masquerading as a whodunit, Spurious Games exhibits a consistently droll sense of humour that belies its essential seriousness as an extended riff on authenticity. Despite its roots in chess, there are a number of important 'side shows', all treated with equal ironic irreverence.

      The Author

      David Jenkins is a retired Professor who has occupied a variety of chairs including at the University of Warwick (Arts Education) and the University of the South Pacific (Education and Psychology). He is a keen chess player who when a lot younger played for Fiji in the 1994 Moscow Chess Olympiad, a memorable experience, although not quite the honour it sounds (think Eddy the Eagle). His main claim to fame is as a qualitative evaluator of social programs. His report on the pan-European training program for youth leaders using non-formal methods (TALE) was named as the 2011 'Outstanding Evaluation of the Year' by the American Evaluation Association ('I Could a TALE Unfold').

      David is a painter and regular cartoonist, currently living in Cornwall where he is President of the Cornwall Chess Association. Although widely published as an academic, at the Open University and elsewhere, Spurious Games is his first novel.

      David has designed an informative website in support of his novel Spurious Games with the domain name spuriousgames.org It includes excerpts, a gallery of images and comments around the themes of the novel as well as other writings.

      The Greenbecker Gambit

      By Ben Graff

      The Conrad Press, 2020
      Paperback, 368 pages

      Publisher’s Blurb

      'I only feel truly alive when the chess clock is ticking and the patterns on the squares in front of me are dancing in my head. Very little else gives me the same feeling. Nothing else, that does not involve a flame.' Tennessee Greenbecker is bravely optimistic as he sets out to claim what he sees as rightfully his - the title of world chess champion. But who is he really? Is he destined to be remembered as chess champion or fire-starter? Either way might this finally be his moment? 'A chess-playing delusional pyromaniac - what could possibly go wrong? If chess is a metaphor for life, Graff has weaved his magic and brought the two together - with far-reaching consequences.

      Compellingly dark and disturbing, Graff's insight into madness will have you on the edge of your seat. A tremendous read.' Carl Portman - 'Chess Behind Bars' 'A tragicomic tale of a fading chess player, set against the background of a vividly-realised London. Graff writes brilliantly about life and chess, and Tennessee Greenbecker is destined to become one of the characters of our time.' Harper J. Cole - 'Subcutis' 'Graff has created an unforgettable chess anti-hero; his novel is amusing, affecting, and as addictive as internet blitz.' Mark Ozanne - 'Chess Fever' 'Graff is a phenomenal writer. With Tennessee Greenbecker, we can see he is not just a great chess journalist but also has an amazing creative side.' Evan Rabin - National Chess Master

      The Author

      Ben Graff is a writer, journalist and Corporate Affairs professional. He is a regular contributor to Chess and Authors Publish. Ben is not a grandmaster but did draw with one once.

      The Berlin Defence: A Novel Paperback

      By Andy Mack

      Elk and Ruby Publishing, 2020
      Paperback, 291 pages

      Publisher’s Blurb

      That afternoon, Lothar sat down opposite Lev Ivanov, and with a furrowed brow, determinedly pushed his King’s pawn forward two squares, punching down the clock as he did so. When Ivanov ventured a Sicilian Defence, Lothar sacrificed first a Knight and then a Rook for a raging attack.

      Lothar Hartmann dreams of reaching the big time in chess. Overcoming the mind-games of his opponents at the chessboard is a challenge in itself, but how will he cope when he comes face to face with the political manipulation and oppression of his own corrupt government? A tale told with dark humour of love and loss, hopes dashed and regained, it is a window into a world of tactics, psychological warfare and the balance of fate and opportunity, while asking fundamental questions about life’s purpose and moral choices. As Lothar begins to realise that his world is not simply black and white, and that the chess players themselves are pieces, moved across a board to further the reach of East German propaganda, he hatches a plan that defies all expectations.

      The Author

      Andy Mack was born in 1970, in Bromley, South-East England. A keen chess player from an early age, he has competed three times in the British Chess Championships and achieved the title of FIDE Master. He also plays poker to a high standard, and has written a book entitled Omaha 8 or Better – Winning at Hi-Low Poker. In his professional life, Andy qualified as a Chartered Accountant and is a Director in a large accounting firm. Andy continues to live in South-East England. His favourite European city is Berlin, and The Berlin Defence is his first novel.


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        " I only feel truly alive when the chess clock is ticking and the patterns of the squares in front of me are dancing in my head." H'mmm, I like the quote. (maybe thats one thing wrong with tournament chess nowadays - the clocks dont tick) Tennessee Greenbecker - quite the name. Maybe I'll give the book a try.


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          Originally posted by Hans Jung View Post
          " I only feel truly alive when the chess clock is ticking and the patterns of the squares in front of me are dancing in my head." H'mmm, I like the quote. (maybe thats one thing wrong with tournament chess nowadays - the clocks dont tick) Tennessee Greenbecker - quite the name. Maybe I'll give the book a try.
          Thanks for reminding us of that, I ALSO absolutely LOVED dozens and dozens of clocks ticking!!


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            From directing many large junior events I'm familiar with the sound in the first few minutes of a round, when they're all playing way too fast and all you can hear is clock buttons being slammed. Some time ago I coined the term chronomicide, the sound of many clocks being murdered at once ...


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              Originally posted by Stephen Wright View Post
              From directing many large junior events I'm familiar with the sound in the first few minutes of a round, when they're all playing way too fast and all you can hear is clock buttons being slammed. Some time ago I coined the term chronomicide, the sound of many clocks being murdered at once ...
              Chronomicide: great new term!


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                Yes, I like it Stephen. chronomicide - So what would a clock murderer be? - a chronomicidivist?
                Last edited by Hans Jung; Tuesday, 8th September, 2020, 06:42 PM.


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                  Originally posted by Hans Jung View Post
                  Best Lessons of a Chess Coach! - a legendary book! (see post #55 above) - a reprint great ( highly recommended for collections as well as new tournament players). If you get a chance to meet Sunil Weeramantry (the co-author) and Nakamura's stepdad its well worth it. Hes highly approachable especially if you have something intelligent to say or interesting chess knowledge or questions. (He's a frequent visitor of St.Louis chess club)
                  https://www.chess.com/article/view/b...w-best-lessons review on chess.com tells a bit more


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                    Upcoming Chess Books

                    November 16, 2020

                    Magnus Carlsen: 60 Memorable Games
                    By Andrew Soltis

                    Paperback, 384 pages
                    Batsford 2020

                    Publisher’s Blurb

                    Following on from the long success of one of the most important chess books ever written, Bobby Fischer: My 60 Memorable Games, renowned chess writer Andrew Soltis delivers a book on today’s blockbuster chess player Magnus Carlsen.

                    Magnus Carlsen has been the world’s number one player for more than a decade, has won more super-tournaments than anyone ever and is still in his prime. He is the only player to repeatedly win the world championships in classical, speed and blitz chess formats. This book details his remarkable rise and how he acquired the crucial skills of 21st-century grandmaster chess

                    He will defend his world championship title this autumn and if he wins, it will set a record of five championship match victories. This book take you through how he wins by analysing 60 of the games that made him who he is, describing the intricacies behind his and his opponent’s strategies, the tactical justification of moves and the psychological battle in each one.

                    This book is essential for chess enthusiasts, competitors and professionals of all skill sets.

                    The Author

                    International Grandmaster Andrew Soltis is chess correspondent for the New York Post and a very popular chess writer. He is the author of many books including What it Takes to Become a Chess Master, Studying Chess Made Easy and David Vs Goliath Chess.
                    - - -
                    Games from 60 Memorable Games
                    - - - -
                    1 Carlsen - Harestad Copenhagen 2003
                    2 Zimmerman - Carlsen Schwarzacher Open 2003
                    3 Carlsen - Laqua Schwarzacher Open 2003
                    4 Carlsen - Diamant Halkidiki 2003
                    5 Carlsen - Stefansson Aeroflot Festival, Moscow 2004
                    6 Djurhuus - Carlsen Norwegian Championship 2005
                    7 Carlsen - Predrag Nikolic Wijk aan Zee 2005
                    8 Brynell - Carlsen Gausdal Bygger'n Masters 2005
                    9 Jobava - Carlsen Skanderborg 2005
                    10 Carlsen - Vescovi Wijk aan Zee 2006
                    11 Agdestein - Carlsen Norwegian Championship 2006
                    12 Carlsen - Nunn Youth vs Experience, Amsterdam 2006
                    13 Carlsen - Ivanchuk Morelia-Linares 2007
                    14 Carlsen - Aronian Candidates Match, Elista 2007
                    15 Mamedyarov - Carlsen Wijk aan Zee 2008
                    16 Topalov - Carlsen Morelia-Linares 2008
                    17 Kramnik - Carlsen Wijk aan Zee 2008
                    18 Carlsen - Grischuk Linares 2009
                    19 Anand - Carlsen Melody Amber (blindfold), Nice 2009
                    20 Carlsen - Topalov Sofia 2009
                    21 Carlsen - Leko Nanjing 2009
                    22 Aronian - Carlsen Melody Amber (blindfold), Nice 2010
                    23 Carlsen - Bacrot Nanjing 2010
                    24 Smeets - Carlsen Wijk aan Zee 2011
                    25 Carlsen - Nakamura Medias 2011
                    26 Carlsen - Gelfand Tal Memorial, Moscow 2011
                    27 Carlsen - Nakamura Wijk aan Zee 2011
                    28 Radjabov - Carlsen Moscow 2012
                    29 Carlsen - Caruana Sao Paulo 2012
                    30 Carlsen - Anand Sao Paulo 2012
                    31 Carlsen - Judit Polgar London 2012
                    32 Carlsen - Harikrishna Wijk aan Zee 2013
                    33 Anand - Carlsen World Championship, Chennai 2013
                    34 Carlsen - Caruana Shamkir 2014
                    35 Carlsen - Anand World Championship, Sochi 2014
                    36 Nakamura - Carlsen Zurich 2014
                    37 Carlsen - Wojtaszek Olympiad, Tromso 2014
                    38 Carlsen - So Sinquefield Cup, St. Louis 2015
                    39 Carlsen - Naiditsch Baden Baden 2015
                    40 Carlsen - Vachier-Lagrave Shamkir 2015
                    41 Carlsen - Nakamura London 2015
                    42 Carlsen - Li Chao Qatar Masters, Doha 2015
                    43 Anand - Carlsen Baden Baden 2015
                    44 Caruana - Carlsen Sinquefield Cup, St. Louis 2015
                    45 Carlsen - So Bilbao 2016
                    46 Carlsen - Karjakin World Championship, New York 2016
                    47 Karjakin - Carlsen World Championship, New York 2016
                    48 Carlsen - Aronian Paris Blitz 2016
                    49 Eljanov - Carlsen Isle of Man Masters, Douglas 2017
                    50 Carlsen - Ding Liren St. Louis 2017
                    51 Dreev - Carlsen World Cup, Tbilisi 2017
                    52 Carlsen - Wojtaszek Shamkir 2018
                    53 Adhiban - Carlsen Wijk aan Zee 2018
                    54 Carlsen - Jones Wijk aan Zee 2018
                    55 van Foreest - Carlsen Wijk aan Zee 2019
                    56 Carlsen - Rapport Wijk aan Zee 2019
                    57 Svidler - Carlsen Baden Baden 2019
                    58 Vachier-Lagrave - Carlsen Sinquefield Cup, St. Louis 2019
                    59 Giri - Carlsen Zagreb 2019
                    60 Firouzja - Carlsen Wijk aan Zee 2020
                    - -
                    Other Recent Magnus Carlsen Books

                    Magnus Wins with White
                    By Zenon Franco
                    Elk and Ruby 2020
                    Paperback 242 pages

                    In Magnus Wins With White Grandmaster Zenon Franco deeply analyses 32 of Magnus Carlsen’s most instructive games where he wins with the white pieces. This book is written in “move by move” style, a good training tool containing exercises and tests. This format is a great platform for studying chess, improving both skills and knowledge, as the reader is continually challenged to find the best moves and the author provides answers to probing questions throughout.

                    Most of the games are taken from Magnus’s recent career, including one from 2020 and eight from 2019. His opponents are nearly all super-grandmasters, and they include former world champions Viswanathan Anand and Vladimir Kramnik, as well as Wesley So, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Alexander Grischuk, Levon Aronian, Boris Gelfand, and, naturally, Anish Giri. In the majority of these games, Magnus demonstrates his ability to outplay his opponents in the middlegame by simply making stronger moves and applying constant pressure that eventually forces the opponent to crack and play weaker moves. In some games, however, this takes place in the endgame.

                    Magnus Wins with Black
                    By Zenon Franco
                    Elk and Ruby 2020
                    Paperback 223 pages

                    In Magnus Wins With Black Grandmaster Zenon Franco deeply analyses 30 of Magnus Carlsen’s most instructive games where he wins with the black pieces. This book is written in “move by move” style, a good training tool containing exercises and tests. This format is a great platform for studying chess, improving both skills and knowledge, as the reader is continually challenged to find the best moves and the author provides answers to probing questions throughout. It is the second of two volumes written by Franco for Elk and Ruby Publishing House on the games of Magnus Carlsen. His first volume Magnus Wins With White has proved to be an international best seller.

                    The Author

                    Grandmaster and FIDE Senior Trainer Zenon Franco was born in Asuncion, Paraguay, in 1956. After living in Buenos Aires he moved to Spain, where he has lived for over 30 years. Zenon is the author of 29 chess books published in six languages and has been a regular chess columnist of the Paraguayan Hoy and ABC newspapers for the last 17 years. He also writes regularly for several chess magazines in Argentina, Italy and Spain. In 2017, he received the 2016 Isaac Boleslavsky book of the year award from the FIDE Trainers Commission. Zenon was Pan-American Champion in 1981 (San Pedro de Jujuy, Argentina). He has participated in 11 Olympiads, from Haifa, Israel, in 1976, to Batumi, Georgia, in 2018. Zenon won the individual Gold Medal for the best result on first board at the Olympiads of Lucerne, Switzerland, 1982, and Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, 1990. He also represented Spain at the 1998 Olympiad in Elista, Russia. Zenon's highest ever place in the Elo list was 66th in January 1982. As a coach, Zenon was director of the Escuela Kasparov Marcote de Galicia from 1995 to 1999. His most successful pupils include Grandmaster Francisco Vallejo Pons and IM David Martinez Martin, Spanish editor of Chess24.com. In 2016, Zenon was granted an award by the Paraguayan parliament in recognition for his invaluable and meritorious contribution to Paraguayan sport: for his chess career and for his help in the development of chess in Paraguay.


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                      Upcoming Chess Books

                      November 18, 2020

                      How to beat Magnus Carlsen: Exploring the Most Difficult Challenge in Chess

                      By Cyrus Lakdawala

                      Paperback, 304 pages
                      New in Chess, 2020

                      Publisher’s Blurb

                      Magnus Carlsen is arguably the strongest player of all time. His dominance is such that every loss comes as a shock. They remind us that even he has his weak moments. In fact, identifying the root causes of his losses holds valuable lessons for all players.

                      Cyrus Lakdawala’s search starts with a series of Magnus wins and draws to give the reader a feel for how incredibly difficult it is to beat him. The World Champion’s arsenal is awesome: a superlative ability to calculate, near-perfect intuition, probably the best endgame technique ever, a wide and creative opening repertoire, a willingness to unbalance the position almost anytime, and last but not least: his unparalleled will to win.

                      How to Beat Magnus Carlsen has a thematic structure, which, together with Lakdawala’s uniquely accessible style, makes its lessons easy to digest. Sometimes even Magnus gets outplayed, sometimes he over-presses and goes over the cliff’s edge, and sometimes he fails to find the correct plan. And yes, even Magnus Carlsen commits straightforward blunders. Lakdawala explains the how and the why.

                      It’s wonderful to have a World Champion who is not just incredibly strong, but who is also happy to experiment and take risks. That’s what makes Magnus Carlsen such a fascinating chess player. And that’s why he is the hero of this book. There is no doubt that Carlsen has examined all his losses under a microscope. If he benefits from this process, then so will we.

                      The Author

                      Cyrus Lakdawala is an International Master who lives in San Diego, CA. He has been teaching chess for four decades and is a prolific and widely read author. Much acclaimed books of his are How Ulf Beats Black, Clinch It! and Winning Ugly in Chess. He twice won the Best Instructional Book Award of the Chess Journalists of America (CJA), in 2017 for Chess for Hawks and in 2020 for In the Zone: The Greatest Winning Streaks in Chess History.


                      Edmar Mednis wrote several “How to beat” books:

                      How to beat Bobby Fischer
                      Quadrangle, 1974
                      282 pages

                      How to beat the Russians
                      McKay, 1978
                      297 pages

                      How to defeat a superior opponent
                      Summit, 1989
                      312 pages

                      Famously, Peter Svidler has said that he read and reread the Russian translation of How to beat Bobby Fischer (1981) Kak pobeždali Bobbi Fišera.

                      Raymond Keene has two such books:

                      How to beat Gary Kasparov
                      Batsford, 1990
                      192 pages

                      How to beat your chess computer (with David Levy)
                      Batsford, 1991
                      104 pages

                      I am not sure how much closer you are to beating one of the titled opponents after reading these books.

                      There is a book which just gives the games a player lost, which seems rather odd, until you realize that Capablanca just didn’t lose that many:

                      Capablancas samtliche Verlustpartien
                      By Fritz Gorschen
                      Flensburger Schachklubs 1876 e.V., 1951
                      16 pages


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                        Upcoming Chess Books

                        November 18, 2020

                        Bobby Fischer and His World: The Man, the Player, the Riddle, and the Colorful Characters Who Surrounded Him

                        By John Donaldson

                        Silman-James Pr, 2020
                        Paperback, 645 pages

                        Publisher’s Blurb

                        IM Donaldson examines Fischer's life and career from his days as a child prodigy through the height of his World Championship triumph and into his tumultuous final years. Donaldson's meticulous research has uncovered previously lost games and a wealth of unknown material about Fischer ranging from his close friendships with players and supporters to his acrimonious relationships with organizers, journalists, lawyers, and publishers.

                        Bobby Fischer and His World is brought to life through a potpourri of first-hand accounts, interviews, letters, and articles by and about the colorful characters that inhabited Fischer's world. Unifying this wide-ranging tale are over 100 photos and illustrations and 99 newly annotated games.

                        This is the story of Fischer the man and the player, shedding new light on the riddle of the most famous chessplayer in history.

                        The Author

                        International Master John Donaldson is a player, a chess journalist and historian, and U.S. Olympiad team captain.

                        Kindle Editions by John Donaldson

                        A Legend on the Road: Bobby Fischer's 1964 Simultaneous Tour: 3rd edition - greatly enlarged

                        Collected Annotations and Articles by Bobby Fischer

                        Bobby Fischer in Action: Simultaneous Exhibitions and Blitz Games

                        John Donaldson and Jesse Kraai talk about the new book


                        John also says that he has a second volume sequel, 80% completed.


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                          Originally posted by Wayne Komer View Post
                          Outstanding interview!



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                            Originally posted by Ken MacDonald View Post

                            Outstanding interview!

                            Over the years, I've had the pleasure of working a few matches where John Donaldson was Captain-ing, and the man was total class, never flustered, always reasonable, friendly, etc.


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                              Upcoming Chess Books

                              November 19, 2020

                              Timman’s Triumphs

                              My 100 Best Games
                              By Jan Timman

                              Paperback, 352 pages
                              New in Chess, 2020

                              Publisher’s Blurb

                              Jan Timman is one of the greatest chess players never to win the world title. For many years ‘the Best of the West’ belonged to the chess elite, collecting quite a few super tournament victories. Three times Timman was a Candidate for the World Championship and his peak in the world rankings was second place, in 1982.

                              For this definitive collection, Timman has revisited his career and subjected his finest efforts to fresh analysis supported by modern technology. The result is startling and fascinating. From the games that he chose for his Timman’s Selected Games (1994, also published as Chess the Adventurous Way), only 10(!) made the cut. Some games that he had been proud of turned out to be flawed, others that he remembered as messy were actually well played.

                              Timman’s Triumphs includes wins against great players such as Karpov, Kasparov, Kortchnoi, Smyslov, Tal, Spassky, Bronstein, Larsen and Topalov. The annotations are in the author’s trademark lucid style, a happy mix of colourful background information and sharp, crystal-clear explanations.

                              Once again Jan Timman shows that he is not only one of the best players the game has seen, but also as one of the best chess analysts and writers.

                              The Author

                              Jan Timman is the author of highly acclaimed books such as Curacao 1962 and The Art of the Endgame. His best-selling Timman’s Titans won the 2017 English Chess Federation Book of the Year Award. His previous book, The Longest Game, is a riveting account of the epic rivalry between Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov.


                              “This is magnificent. The book is dotted with fascinating anecdotes. Jan Timman’s games reflect his adventurous outlook on life. He plays in a swashbuckling style, but always underpinned with a great strategic and positional sense. In this book you will find great positional wins and fantastic attacking chess. Timman is absolutely fearless, always prepared to sacrifice material for the initiative and for the attack. But he also enjoys the beauty in chess. The games are mainly described in words, with variations given only when things get critical.” -- GM Daniel King, Power Play Chess

                              “Jan Timman takes the readers on a fascinating journey through more than 50 years from the good old days to modern computer times. But his play is the same: always fighting and creative. A worthy successor to Timman’s Titans.” -- GM Karsten Muller, author of ‘Bobby Fischer: The Career and Complete Games’

                              “All the games are being deeply analysed and Jan Timman is very good at that, as he already showed in his previous books. The richness of variations, the complexity of choices, the balance between calculation and intuition, it’s all there. The book refers marginally to the background and the setting of the fights, the main focus is on the games themselves. Again a beautiful book by Jan.” -- IM Hans Bohm, De Telegraaf

                              “A new and splendid book by Jan Timman. Once again he shows his ability to reveal in deep analysis the hidden truth in the games. Of course, in between the games there is ample room for fascinating history and anecdotes.” -- Bab Wilders, Nederlands Dagblad

                              “Just out and a candidate for chess book of the year. There is an abundance of new material, for example eighteen games form the 21st century. Every game is put in its context, often with a funny anecdote.” -- GM Dimitri Reinderman, Noord-Hollands Dagblad

                              “Recounts the career of the best player in the West for much of the 1970s and 80s. This volume includes 100 of Jan Timman’s greatest games with instructive commentary accompanied by many interesting stories. This is a book that belongs in the library of every chess player.” -- IM John Donaldson


                              The 100 games from the book are listed on the next pages.

                              If there is an asterisk (*) by the number, that means that that game also appeared in Timman’s Chess the Adventurous Way. That book had 80 games from 1983 to 1994.
                              Frankly, these two books would be an asset to any chess library.
                              - -
                              Games in Timman's Triumphs
                              - - -
                              Game White Black Event/Date
                              - - -
                              1 Vadasz Timman Groningen 1967
                              2 Timman Prins Amsterdam 1970
                              3 De La Prida Timman Madrid 1971
                              4 Adorjan Timman Amsterdam 1971
                              5 Browne Timman Stockholm 1971
                              6 Portisch Timman Wijk aan Zee 1972
                              7 Timman Ljubojevic Wijk aan Zee 1972
                              8 Timman Padevsky Amsterdam 1972
                              9 Rytov Timman Tallinn 1973
                              10 Timman Andersson Tallinn 1973
                              11 Mihaljcisin Timman Banja Luka 1974
                              12 Liberzon Timman Netanya 1975
                              13 Timman Bronstein Teesside 1975
                              14 Petursson Timman Reykjavik 1976
                              15 Timman Najdorf Haifa ol 1976
                              16 Hubner Timman Bad Lauterberg 1977
                              17 Timman Miles Elvetham NED-ENG 1977
                              18 Timman Karpov Bugojno 1978
                              19 Timman Ribli Niksic 1978
                              20 Timman Dzindzichashvili Amsterdam Ech tt qual 1978
                              21 Radulov Timman Buenos Aires ol 1978
                              22 Timman Hort Montreal 1979
                              23 Vaganian Timman Rio de Janeiro izt 1979
                              24 Ree Timman Wijk aan Zee 1980
                              25 Timman Byrne, R. Wijk aan Zee 1980
                              26 Scheeren Timman Leeuwarden ch-NED 1980
                              27 Browne Timman London 1980
                              28 Polugaevsky Timman Bugojno1980
                              29 Timman Hort Amsterdam 1980
                              30 Larsen Timman Amsterdam 1980
                              - - -
                              Last edited by Wayne Komer; Thursday, 19th November, 2020, 10:25 PM.


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                                Upcoming Chess Books

                                November 19, 2020

                                Listing of the games in Timman’s Triumphs (continued)
                                - - -
                                Game White Black Event/Date
                                - - -
                                31 Timman Hubner Tilburg 1980
                                32 Karpov Timman Buenos Aires 1980
                                33 Gheorghiu Timman La Valletta ol 1980
                                34 Timman Torre Wijk aan Zee 1981
                                35 Taimanov Timman Wijk aan Zee 1981
                                36 Timman Andersson Wijk aan Zee 1981
                                37 Timman Seirawan Las Palmas 1981
                                38 Timman Kortchnoi Las Palmas 1981
                                39 Timman Tal Wijk aan Zee 1982
                                40 Karpov Timman Mar del Plata 1982
                                41 Timman Torre Tilburg 1982
                                42 Timman Geller Linares 1983
                                43 Timman Spassky Hilversum KRO m 1983
                                44 Kovacevic Timman Bugojno 1984
                                45 Timman Smyslov Bugojno 1984
                                46* Nikolic Timman Amsterdam 1984
                                47 Timman Kurajica Reggio Emilia 1984
                                48 Speelman Timman Taxco izt 1985
                                49 Polugaevsky Timman Tilburg 1985
                                50 Timman Short Montpellier ct 1985
                                51 Spassky Timman Montpellier ct 1985
                                52* Timman Jussupow Bugojno 1986
                                53* Timman Sosonko Hilversum ch-NED 1987
                                54 Timman Zapata Amsterdam 1987
                                55* Timman Ljubojevic Tilburg 1987
                                56* Timman Short Belgrade 1987
                                57 Ljubojevic Timman Hilversum m 1987
                                58 Timman Andersson Reykjavik 1988
                                59 Gulko Timman Linares 1989
                                60 Arnason Timman Brussels tt 1989
                                61 Timman Salov Rotterdam 1989
                                62* Jussupow Timman Belgrade 1989
                                63 Kamsky Timman Tilburg 1990
                                64 Gurevich Timman Linares 1991
                                65* Kortchnoi Timman Brussels 1991
                                66* Short Timman Linares 1992
                                67* Timman Karpov Linares 1993
                                68* Karpov Timman NED/INA Wch m 1993
                                69 Timman Ivanchuk Amsterdam 1994
                                70 Benjamin Timman Amsterdam 1994
                                71 Timman Khalifman Amsterdam 1995
                                72 Timman Piket Amsterdam 1995
                                73 Rozentalls Timman Yerevan ol 1996
                                74 Sokolov Timman Amsterdam ch-NED playoff 1996
                                75 Akesson Timman Malmo 1997
                                - - -
                                Game White Black Event/Date
                                - - -
                                76 Timman Van Wely Breda m 1998
                                77 Kasimdzhanov Timman Wijk aan Zee 1999
                                78 Timman Topalov Dortmund 1999
                                79 Timman Polgar, J. Hoogeveen 1999
                                80 Timman Karpov Hoogeveen 1999
                                81 Timman Svidler Bugojno 1999
                                82 Timman Gurevich Ger. Bundesliga 1999/2000
                                83 Lputian Timman Wijk aan Zee 2000
                                84 Timman Van Wely Wijk aan Zee 2000
                                85 Timman Brynell Ger. Bundesliga 2000/2001
                                86 Nyback Timman Reykjavik 2001
                                87 Dreev Timman Wijk aan Zee 2002
                                88 Bologan Timman Wijk aan Zee 2004
                                89 Nikolic Timman Netherlands tt 2003/2004
                                90 Timman Kuzubov Gothenburg Ech tt 2005
                                91 Shirov Timman Karlsbad 2007
                                92 Timman Kortchnoi Wijk aan Zee 2008
                                93 Rasulov Timman Baku 2008
                                94 Timman Edouard Antwerp 2011
                                95 Timman Van der Wiel Antwerp 2011
                                96 Timman Ernst Wijk aan Zee 2012
                                97 Timman Duda Wijk aan Zee 2014
                                98 Van Foreest, J. Timman Hoogeveen m 2015
                                99 Timman Feygin Ger. Bundesliga 2018/2019
                                100 Bartel Timman Ger. Bundesliga 2018/2019
                                - - -
                                - -