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    Upcoming Chess Books

    November 28, 2020

    Chess Board Options: A Memoir of Players, Games and Engines

    by Larry Kaufman

    Paperback, 208 pages
    New in Chess, 2021

    Publisher’s Blurb

    Larry Kaufman can safely be called an exceptional chess grandmaster. He started out as a prodigy, however not in chess but as a whizz kid in science and math. He excels at Shogi (Japanese chess) and Go, and is also a world-famous computer programmer and a highly successful option trader. Remarkably, as a chess player he only peaked at the weirdly late age of fifty.

    Yet his victories in the chess arena are considerable. Over a career span of nearly sixty years Kaufman won the state championships of Massachusetts, Maryland, Florida, Virginia, D.C. and Pennsylvania. He was an American Open Champion and won the U.S. Senior Championship as well as the World Senior Championship.

    ‘Never a great chess player’ himself (his words), he met or played chess greats such as Bobby Fischer, Bent Larsen, Walter Browne, Boris Spassky, Viktor Kortchnoi and many others. He worked as a second to legendary grandmaster Roman Dzindzichashvili, and coached three talented youngsters to become International Master, one of them his son Raymond.

    This engrossing memoir is rife with stories and anecdotes about dozens of famous and not-so-famous chess players. You will learn about neural networks, material values and how being a chess master helps when trading options. And find lots of memorable but little-known annotated games.

    The Author

    Larry Kaufman is an American Grandmaster. He has been involved in computer chess since 1967, when he worked on ‘MacHack’, the first computer that competed in tournaments with human players. More recently he has been working on the programs Rybka and Komodo. His book ‘Kaufman’s New Repertoire for Black and White’ is an acclaimed bestseller.

    See also:



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      Upcoming Chess Books

      December 3, 2020

      My Chess Stories

      By Vlastimil Hort

      Hardcover, 176 pages
      Nava Publishing, 2020
      In English

      Publisher’s Blurb

      In this book Vlastimil Hort talks about his personal experiences and encounters in the chess world. A long stay in hospital when he was five years old and a caring doctor who explained the chess rules to him were the beginning of his great passion.

      Today, at the age of 76, he can look back on a turbulent and successful chess life. He has participated in tournaments almost all over the world - some of them still legendary today, such as the match »USSR against the rest of the world« At his peak he was among the ten best chess players in the world.

      With his unmistakable Bohemian talent for storytelling, he now gives a lively insight behind the scenes of the chess world in 64 stories - sometimes with amusement, sometimes with nostalgia, but always entertainingly and to the point.

      The Author

      Vlastimil Hort (*1944 in Kladno) is a Czech-German chess grandmaster. After studying economics he decided to pursue a professional chess career in 1968, after the Soviet occupation. He emigrated to Germany in 1985. Hort won the Czechoslovakian chess championships six times and was the German chess champion three times. In his career he has won more than 80 international tournaments.

      For 22 years he hosted a popular chess show in German television together with Helmut Pfleger. His humorous contributions are still very well remembered by chess aficionados today.


      1 You’re a free man!
      2 The clou
      3 Yo se!
      4 A duel
      5 Tibor Kendelenyi alias Ctibor Kende
      6 Silver Spoons
      7 A new Star was born
      8 Bronstein didn’t win a single game
      9 Fallen off the chair
      10 Brawlers
      11 Waterlogged Rat
      12 One Step Forward
      13 In Najdorf’s Footsteps
      14 A costly affair
      15 Who’s Right
      16 Colleagues
      17 The Czech Engine
      18 O Christmas Tree
      19 Veni, vidi, vidi
      20 Chess companions
      21 Toadstools
      22 The Good Soldier Svejk
      23 Orangutan
      24 Dreamers don’t sin
      25 A magnetic night
      26 The Troublemaker
      27 No answer is also an answer
      28 Last round a la Bronstein
      29 Troyka
      30 Tailor’s trap
      31 Adjourned
      32 A Case of Cash
      33 A Case for Sherlock Holmes
      34 A Chess Love
      35 Good News – Bad News
      36 Croatian wisdom
      37 Tap, tap from Heaven Above
      38 How to be a Blockhead
      39 Kerem szepen
      40 I’ll check them all
      41 Little Round of Poker
      42 Vyjezdni dolozka
      43 Deep View
      44 Much Ado about Nothing
      45 A hairdresser never forgets!
      46 Who did it?
      47 Denial
      48 Two Czechs – One Idea
      49 From Saul to Paul
      50 Earthquake
      51 Survival Guide
      52 Free Press
      53 Visiting the Tals in Troisdorf
      54 How to learn French
      55 Gellert furdo 1993
      56 Fresh start. Green Hornet
      57 Sushi
      58 Outstanding Invoice
      59 King’s Gambit a la Spassky
      60 It’s never too late
      61 Nonsense
      62 Lady in Black
      63 Mea culpa?
      64 Force majeure


      See the review of the German version:

      Meine Schachgeschichten (2019)



      From Chapter 21 Toadstools

      The deep forests of Slavonia are a mushroom-collector’s paradise. I learned collecting mushrooms as a seven-year-old from my father. After the war mushrooms were an essential food-stock for survival in my home town. Necessity turned into a passion in later times. The forest is my home.

      The chef of the hotel Kunjevci was pleased with my findings and added deliciously prepared porcini mushrooms to my menu. The mushroom season was in full swing, just as the tournament in Vinkovci 1967. Around noon was my time to go to the mushrooms. On one of these occasions I met Bobby Fischer at the exit door. “Yes, I’m going to collect mushrooms. Will you join me?” He turned on his heels and was back in a few minutes. I checked his equipment – good shoes, a jackknife and a large basket. Everything was in order.

      From Chapter 53 Visiting the Tals in Troisdorf

      I rang the bell at a well-known door at a bungalow in Troisdorf. “Please come forward, Vlastimil”, I was greeted warmly and Tal’s wife Engelina led me to a comfy living room. “Mischa will be with you in a minute.”

      Shortly afterwards he appeared, the ingenious world champion, as always with a cigarette sticking out of the corner of his mouth. When we shook hands, I noticed the tremor. We all knew. Mischa needed his alcohol level. Before he could start the day, he needed a mug of strong coffee. Nobody mentioned that half of it consisted of Johnnie Walker.


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        Upcoming Chess Books

        December 17, 2020

        The Life and Games of Vasily Smyslov
        Volume I, The Early Years 1921-1948

        By Andrey Terekhov

        Russell Enterprises, 2020
        Hardcover, 536 pages

        Publisher’s Blurb

        Vasily Smyslov, the seventh world champion, had a long and illustrious chess career. He played close to 3,000 tournament games over seven decades, from the time of Lasker and Capablanca to the days of Anand and Carlsen. From 1948 to 1958, Smyslov participated in four world championships, becoming world champion in 1957.
        Smyslov continued playing at the highest level for many years and made a stunning comeback in the early 1980s, making it to the finals of the candidates’ cycle. Only the indomitable energy of 20-year-old Garry Kasparov stopped Smyslov from qualifying for another world championship match at the ripe old age of 63!
        In this first volume of a multi-volume set, Russian FIDE master Andrey Terekhov traces the development of young Vasily from his formative years and becoming the youngest grandmaster in the Soviet Union to finishing second in the world championship match tournament. With access to rare Soviet-era archival material and invaluable family archives, the author complements his account of Smyslov’s growth into an elite player with dozens of fascinating photographs, many never seen before, as well as 49 deeply annotated games. German grandmaster Karsten Müller’s special look at Smyslov’s endgames rounds out this fascinating first volume.

        The Author

        St. Petersburg native Andrey Terekhov is a FIDE Master, an ICCF International Master (correspondence chess) and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science. His best results at the board were victories in the 2008 Munich Open and the 2012 Nabokov Memorial. He currently resides in Singapore.

        Table of Contents

        Chapter 1. First Steps 1935-37

        Parents and Childhood
        Chess Education at Home
        The First Tournaments
        The First Publications
        The First Victories over Masters
        Chapter 1 Games

        Chapter 2. The Breakthrough Year – 1938

        USSR junior Championship
        The First Adult Tournaments
        The Higher Education Quandary
        Candidate Master
        1938 Moscow Championship
        Chapter 2 Games

        Chapter 3. The Young Master – 1939-1940

        1939 Leningrad/Moscow Training Tournament
        The Run-Up to the 1940 USSR Championship
        Chapter 3 Games

        Chapter 4. Third in the Soviet Union – 1940

        World Politics and Chess
        Pre-tournament Forecasts
        Round-By-Round Overview
        After the Tournament
        Chapter 4 Games

        Chapter 5. Grandmaster of the Soviet Union – 1941

        The Run-Up to the 1941 Absolute Championship
        Round-By-Round Overview
        The Impact of the Absolute Championship
        Chapter 5 Games

        Chapter 6. The War Years – 1941-45

        1941-42 Evacuation to Kazakhstan
        1942 Kuibyshev Tournament
        1942-43 Tournaments: The Moscow Championship and Sverdlovsk
        1943/44 Moscow Championship
        1944 USSR Championship
        1944/45 Moscow Championship
        Chapter 6 Games

        Chapter 7. After the War – 1945-46

        1945 USSR Championship
        1945 USSR-USA Radio Match
        1945 Trade Unions Team Championship
        The British Tournaments Controversy
        1946 Moscow Championship
        Alekhine-Botvinnik Match
        Smyslov in Czechoslovakia
        1946 USSR – Great Britain Radio Match
        Chapter 7 Games

        Chapter 8. Groningen – 1946

        An Informal Candidates Tournament
        The Ups and Downs of the Three Prize Winners
        Chapter 8 Games

        Chapter 9. Interregnum – 1946-47

        1946 USSR-USA Match
        1947 USSR Championship
        The Run-Up to the World Championship Match-Tournament
        Chapter 9 Games

        Chapter 10. The 1948 World Championship Match-Tournament

        Preparations for the Match-Tournament
        The Hague
        After the Tournament
        Chapter 10 Games

        Chapter 11. Nadezhda Andreevna

        Appendix A Smyslov’s System in the Grunfeld Defense

        Appendix B Smyslov’s Endgames by Karsten Muller


        This appears to be another outstanding book of chess history and the definitive work on Smyslov. We are very lucky to be living in this era of great publishing.


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          Upcoming Chess Books

          March 9, 2021

          I just heard of this book today:

          He’s Got Moves: 25 Legendary Chess Games (As Analyzed by a Smart Kid)

          By Oliver Boydell

          Metabook, 2020
          Hardcover, 287 pages

          Publisher’s Blurb:

          Chess prodigy Oliver Boydell breaks down 25 of the most riveting games ever played. From Adolf Anderssen's victory over Lionel Kieseritzky in 1851 to Magnus Carlsen's online triumph against Anish Giri in 2020, Boydell educates and entertains fellow lovers of the game with his sharp analysis. Among the legendary players included in this volume are: Mikhail Botvinnik, Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov, Judit Polgar, Akiba Rubinstein, Boris Spassky, and many more.

          The Author:

          Oliver Boydell was born in New York City to a Vietnamese mother and an English father. A National Chess Champion and a New York City Chess Champion, Oliver developed a passion for chess at the age of five. He started competing in chess tournaments during the same year and is a regular contender at New York City, New York State, and National Scholastic Chess Championships. Oliver endeavors to become a chess Grandmaster. He loves sports, especially playing soccer and skiing down double black runs with his older brother Sebastien. Oliver is ten years old and lives in New York City with his family.


          I will not spoil the pleasure of the first fifteen games in the book by giving the combatants but the last ten are Byrne vs Fischer, Larsen vs Spassky, Spassky vs Fischer, Karpov vs Korchnoi, Kasparov vs Portisch, Short vs Timman, Anand vs Ivanchuk, Shirov vs Polgar, So vs Prusikin and finally, Carlsen vs Giri.

          You will have to buy the book to see the exact games.


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            Upcoming Chess Books

            March 27, 2021

            Quality Chess UK has some interesting upcoming books for 2021 on its webpage:


            Mark Taimanov
            I was a Victim of Bobby Fischer

            Soviet legend Mark Taimanov analyses his disastrous match against the American chess hurricane, as well as their two previous games.

            Tal & Stetsko
            The Chess Alchemist

            In this gem of a book, Oleg Stetsko has compiled 80 of Tal’s games, as annotated by the Magician himself in a variety of sources, many of which have been translated into English for the very first time here.

            Nigel Short

            Winning tournaments takes more than just winning one game at a time. Analysing 8 of his tournament wins, spread over decades, former World Championship challenger Nigel Short shows how winning works.

            Ivan Sokolov
            Magnus Carlsen’s Middlegame Evolution

            Carlsen is revered for his technical prowess, but recently he has made the greatest strides in middlegame play. Super-GM Ivan Sokolov shows what we can learn from the World Champion in this crucial part of the game.

            Tibor Karolyi
            The Road to Reykjavik

            Tibor Karolyi has produced some of the chess world’s best biographical works. Here he documents Fischer’s unique journey, 50 years after the American chess icon won the right to challenge Spassky.

            Mihail Marin
            Learn from Bent Larsen

            GM Mihail Marin examines Bent Larsen’s best games, showcasing the unorthodox and combative style of play for which the Danish legend was loved and admired by chess fans around the world.

            Michael Adams & Phil Hurtado
            Think Like a Super-GM

            Michael Adams, with help from Phil Hurtado, compares his thoughts to those of players of all levels and helps the reader to see how they can transform their thinking.

            Gawain Jones
            Coffeehouse Repertoire 1.e4 1&2

            These two volumes constitute nothing short of a 1.e4 player’s sweetest dream: a complete repertoire supplied by a top-class GM, combining coffeehouse trickery with theoretical rigour.


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              I will gladly read Ivan Sokolov's book about Carlsen middlegames. This should be fascinating. Mihail Marin book on Larsen should be a great read. Marin is a good author and Larsen is a great forgotten player. He was one of the first to play a4 and h4 consistently and strongly.

              Michael Adams book should be a must read also.

              I heartily recommend Wesley So chessable e4 part 1 and 2 LTR (lifetime repertoire). This to me is a book of the year. Wesley chooses sound and agressive openings and he is a great teacher.