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  • 2020 eoca agm

    The OCA AGM is scheduled to begin this Sunday, May 24th.
    Our EOCA is expected to have conducted our AGM by then.
    However, our EOCA AGM has not yet been conducted, per:

    1) Due to personal situations within families of key EOCA people, we're still unable to transition management of EOCA membership mailing lists to the new Secretary. Without such transition, we're uncomfortable "springing" an online AGM.

    2) Due to the obvious COVID-19 situation, we cannot conduct a traditional in-person EOCA AGM, which many EOCA folk still seem to favour overwhelmingly. But this also dovetails into the first point above. We did not get done what we had to.

    3) The Government of Ontario has announced a grace period for AGMs like ours. The announcement currently stipulates that organizations like ours, after appropriate re-opening(s) of social activities, will have 90 days to "catch up" on their AGM.

    Therefore, the current EOCA Executive has unanimously agreed:

    a) all current EOCA positions are being temporarily extended:
    President: Aris Marghetis
    Vice-President: David Gordon
    Treasurer: Halldor Palsson (already Life Governor)
    Secretary: Jeremy Sztuka
    EOCA/OCA Regional VP: Aris Marghetis
    Governors (in order, usually 3): Aris Marghetis, David Gordon, Jeremy Sztuka

    b) traditional 2020 EOCA AGM within 90 days of Ontario provincial "re-opening"

    Thank you, best regards, Aris Marghetis, EOCA President.
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    Just saying...it's very hard to read your green text on a phone's screen. :-)


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      Originally posted by Hugh Brodie View Post
      Just saying...it's very hard to read your green text on a phone's screen. :-)
      Oh, I had no idea (looks great on mine). I've changed it to black, does it look fine to you now? Thank you.


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        Looks fine now...thanks!