Bob and Gord Jun 03 active chess tournament in Milton

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  • Bob and Gord Jun 03 active chess tournament in Milton

    Hi all,

    We are pleased to have had a small but successful Bob and Gord Mar 04 tourney with those braving that snowfall to get there. We present another installment of the Bob and Gord active chess tourneys on Jun 03 in Milton (hopefully no snowstorms to contend with!?). Please see below for details.

    When: Saturday, Jun 03, 2023

    Where: Milton Seniors Activity Centre, 500 Childs Drive, Milton

    APPROX. ROUND START TIMES:10am, 11:30am, 1:30pm, 3:00pm, 4:30pm/ASAP
    Sections Elite U1800 U1200 & unrated
    Prizes Cash Cash & trophies Trophies
    Entry Fee
    See below for details
    $50/$60/$70 $50/$60/$70 $50/$60/$70

    Entry fee received by Jun 01 is $50, Jun 02 is $60, $70 cash (only) on Jun 03
    Can play up a level if within 200 ratings points for an additional $10
    Registering on Jun 03 may result in a first-round bye
    Last round zero-point bye only
    This is a Chess Federation of Canada (CFC) rated event
    CFC annual memberships / single quick (active) tournament membership fee
    can be purchased online at
    Elite section will be FIDE rated
    Cash prizes based on entries, paid by e-transfer
    Tournament capacity: 80 players

    Time Control: 25 minutes + 5 seconds increment after each move

    ORGANIZER: Gordon Gooding

    ARBITER: Bob Gillanders

    REGISTRATION: Email the following to Gordon Gooding at

    1. E-transfer entry fee, see above for details
    2. Competitor’s name (as found on Chess Federation of Canada website)
    3. CFC membership number (in good standing on Jun 03, 2023)

    Last edited by Gordon Gooding; Monday, 13th March, 2023, 11:50 AM.

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    Thanks Gord for the tournament details. Looking forward to better weather in June.


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      And we are off with a 2200+ quick rating player registered for Jun 03. A new comer to the BandG scene. Any others to join?