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  • Originally posted by Hans Jung View Post
    Keep watching the US. It is THE SHOW. With all that entertainment we can almost forget we are isolated pawns.
    Not an enjoyable show. This week I've been watching the Marvel tv series Luke Cage and there's a minor character named Bobby Fish playing chess in the barbershop. Reminds me of the barbershop on Queen St. that had a chess set in the window.


    • I knew that barbershop on Queen St. Went by there several times and always looked. Brings back memories. One of the chess characters in my hometown of London (Ontario) used to play blindfold in CFC tournaments under the alias of A. Fish. His rating appeared for years under A. Fish. Another character, every time he saw him would first thing ask him: What does A stand for?


      • Originally posted by Hans Jung View Post
        Keep watching the US. It is THE SHOW. With all that entertainment we can almost forget we are isolated pawns.

        The U.S. is now escalating the Covid War with China, things could get very ugly both politically and economically.

        This might be a good time to bring up a prediction from over 10 years ago, which was that there will not be a 2020 U.S. Presidential election. The Democrats are concerned that Trump loses the election but considers it rigged and doesn't leave office, but a sorta semi-famous person made that prediction (of no election even being held) over 10 years ago.

        That same person also predicted that the spring of 2020 would see a viral outbreak that would become a pandemic. Yes, over 10 years ago.

        But the person making these two predictions (among others) did not connect them together. The person said that when trying to see the 2020 election, there was only "blackness".

        I think every day that this drags on the probability of no 2020 U.S. election grows larger. One possibility is that Trump declares a National Emergency because of economic depression which "only he can fix".


        • The democrats are the tyrants. If Trump loses, he will leave and Biden will be president until he isn't and the VP takes over. May God have mercy on our souls. There is a 20 year pattern of assassination or death that was broken when Reagan didn't die.


          • There were other multiple predictions as early as 2007 that Trump would be president for two terms. Edit: Actually there are prophecies going back to the 1980s by the Hermit of Loreto that Trump would be president.

            "In the 1980s the Hermit of Loreto donated a brick to be put in the Holy Door of the Vatican that said “Donald J. Trump” because he knew this man would bring America back to God."


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            • World 6 million plus
              USA almost 2 million, Brazil 500,000 +, Russian 400,000+


              • Quatar, first reasonably sized country (about 3 million) to reach 2% of population total cases.


                • Originally posted by Neil Frarey View Post
                  Hey hey heyyy, ISOLANI tees and masks arrived just last week :))))


                  These are free to anyone who wants one ... first come, first serve :))))

                  Sizing and quantities still available:

                  • White ... 3 Medium, 3 Large, 2 X-Large
                  • Pink ... 1 Medium, 1 Large
                  • White ... 2 Adult

                  Free shipping anywhere in Canada :)

                  Want one? Hit us up ...

                  Stay healthy safe!

                  WOW!!! Amazing response, thanks so much, our pleasure to have contributed.

                  So now we're down to just one tee ... Pink, Medium.

                  Again that's...


                  Stay healthy safe :))))

                  Oops forgot to mention ... we've got some other free tees coming soon(-ish). Not CVD-19 related, just super chesstastic.



                  • I just watched Guy Richie movie Revolver with Jason Statham, Ray Liotta, Vincent Pastore and Andre Benjamin. Violent as you might expect from Guy Richie and Luc Besson. I thought it was quite good. There was a chess theme throughout.
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                    • I just watched the Modern Family episode where they went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Man I miss travelling!


                      • BLACK LIVES MATTER


                        Pressure pushing down on me
                        Pushing down on you, no man ask for
                        Under pressure that burns a building down
                        Splits a family in two
                        Puts people on streets

                        Queen - Under pressure (Live at Wembley)

                        Can't we give ourselves one more chance?
                        Why can't we give love that one more chance?
                        Why can't we give love, give love, give love, give love
                        Give love, give love, give love, give love, give love?


                        BLACK LIVES MATTER


                        • The main charges have just been upgraded to second-degree, and the other officers have now also been charged. It is horrible to view the unedited videos (available from American sources)


                          • Delaware is the 6th state to reach total cases 1% of population.


                            • 34 of 50 states have 10,000 cases or more.


                              • Brazil's new cases have reached 30,000 daily