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  • Originally posted by Dilip Panjwani View Post

    We need systems to harmonize relationships amongst humans, not necessarily 'lovers' , and we already know that Marxism and Capitalism do not work well...
    Libertarianism will not only work well with humans, it will enhance whatever loving nature exists in them...
    It makes sense to promote a system most likely to encourage/enable humans to love one another, yes. I would not be so quick to dismiss Marxism, however. The two major states that came into effect through Marxist revolutions, Russia and then China, both ceased to be Marxist as soon as the revolution was successful. In the final analysis, Marx is an anarchist. He suggests that the revolution to overthrow capitalism should be followed by a gradual transition to a loving society that no longer requires any state mechanism. Of course, this program will only work if the entire planet goes along. If there are surviving capitalist states then the program cannot progress. Hence the world of these times, divided and in the process of suicide. Live for today.


    • Originally posted by Brad Thomson View Post

      Marx is an anarchist. He suggests that the revolution to overthrow capitalism should be followed by a gradual transition to a loving society that no longer requires any state mechanism.
      Did he not in effect want a state mechanism to prevent entrepreneurship and force everyone to work for the state, in order to eliminate class discrepancies? Even within a loving family, there is a limit to which one hard working member would keep on financing a lazy bum of a member...
      I have explained earlier on this forum why marxism and capitalism are opposite faces of the same coin; replacing one with the other does not reduce our miseries or enhance our harmony...
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      • Originally posted by Brad Thomson View Post
        Sid, you may be right, but personally I trust NOTHING to be found online, I consider all of it to be suspect and propaganda put forth by punks who are trying to scare us into thinking that they are more powerful than they really are. "Research" in my opinion is impossible if your source is something to be found online only. All of this material is simply too easy to fake, too easy to spin and manipulate to be credible, in my opinion. I do not believe in any international conspiracies involving a "deep state", illuminati, Jesuits, Jews or anything else. The world is a mishmash of competing groups, and some of them put out propaganda to make us cower before them. If they were half as powerful as they pretend to be, and as you seem to suggest that they are, then they would already have succeeded in their goals. But they have not and will not. People with love in their hearts will get the last laugh.
        That is a difficult way to exist, Brad. For example, if someone provided valid proof for the Pythagorean theorem you would not want to dismiss it because it was obtained online or perhaps you came across it in a child's coloring book and rejected it for the same reason. Whether information is online or even in printed peer-reviewed medical journals, you should be the one that decides if it is with merit and not let others do the thinking for you. Just saying:


        • Thanks Sid, anyone who knows me knows that I do my own thinking. But being trained in the western philosophical tradition, I tend to abstain from judgement on much. I am often convinced by Reason but remain skeptical of empirical evidence. I do not deny that what you say is true, nor do I necessarily believe what I have been telling you with any degree of certainty. I do not know what to believe, so I reserve judgement. It seems to me that it is easy to determine the lies, but difficult to determine the truth. To give two examples, it is a lie to suggest that Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy, this is easy. But the truth is unknown. Likewise, it is clearly a lie to suggest that bin Laden was responsible for what happened on September 11, 2001, in New York, this too is easy. But the truth? This is a very difficult question.


          • Originally posted by Dilip Panjwani View Post
            Did he not in effect want a state mechanism to prevent entrepreneurship and force everyone to work for the state, in order to eliminate class discrepancies? ... replacing one with the other does not reduce our miseries or enhance our harmony...
            First, yes, as a preliminary phase to be surpassed once people advance in intellect/love, but not permanently. Second, agreed, if we had a world that was ONLY capitalistic, or ONLY communistic, then the misery would be vast compared to how it is now with the world divided. The best we can hope for in a world more or less devoid of love is such a division where each side keeps the other in check to some extent. Or at least so it seems to me (being an Hegelian).
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              • I am no fan of Justin Trudeau, but this is radically misleading.

                First, only some of the guns, the more dangerous ones to public safety. Second, a certain amount of censorship is always needed, we should not be free to post lies, child-porn, threats, and many other things. Third, the illegal occupiers who took over Ottawa early last year proved that we need better controls for the sake of public safety, a complete ban is not intended. Fourth, the use of the word "phaseout" is ridiculously misleading and utterly false. Fifth, we ALL have the right to die if we want to. On this on Sid, you have no right to tell others (who may be in terminal agony), what to do with their own lives. It is you now, who are sounding like a tyrant.

                Finally, Trudeau is not a tyrant, he was elected, and he wants to be elected again.

                Sid, you are in this instance acting like a cheap propagandist, posting wildly exaggerated and nonsensical disinformation. You strike me as someone more intelligent than that. This only does a disservice to anything you post that may be truthful.


                • Originally posted by Brad Thompson
                  Second, a certain amount of censorship is always needed, we should not be free to post lies, child-porn, threats, and many other things
                  Brad in "In case you are confused about Canada having become a totalitarian client state of the WEF consequent to WEF infiltration of cabinet and leadership (Trudeau is a WEF-trained "young leader"), this should wake you up."


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                  Originally posted by Brad Thompson
                  On this on Sid, you have no right to tell others (who may be in terminal agony), what to do with their own lives. It is you now, who are sounding like a tyrant.
                  Brad, both my Mother In Law and Father In Law (effectively my adoptive parents for the last 40 years) were murdered at a Montreal Hospital after going there from Covid injection injuries (blood clots). One was murdered with a compound called Midazalom, and the other was denied a vital compound b12 that prevented her from choking when she eats. The so-called Dr's continually pressured them to take advantage of MAIDS and finally went ahead and just did it without their consent. I caught the nurse in the act of injecting Midzalom into my father in laws arm and stated that Midazolam is a part of the MAIDS kits that inhibits breathing. The nurse denied it until I showed her the MAIDS govt website on my iPhone. Too late!!!!, he died a horrible death.
                  Don't school me about what MAIDS is and twist my words you ignorant creep.
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                  • Originally posted by Sid Belzberg View Post
                    you ignorant creep.
                    Pierre Trudeau, a truly great man, said when Richard Nixon, a truly terrible man, called him a frog, "I have been called worse things by better people".


                    • Originally posted by Brad Thompson
                      Pierre Trudeau, a truly great man
                      This only serves to strengthen my conviction of my characterization of you.

                      As a young 23-year-old, your "truly great man" Pierre Eliot Trudeau in 1942 had bought entirely into what his Jesuit College educators imbued him with, the concept that prosperous nations were the "corporatist" states: Mussolini's Italy, Hitler's Germany, Franco's Spain, and Salazar's Portugal. Trudeau also wrote anti-Semitic plays and performed in school with great success.

                      When the Second World War broke out, Quebec's intelligentsia saw it as just another European quarrel, and nothing to do with them. The defeat of France was proof in Quebec that secular democracy had failed; Vichy France under Marshal Petain was a vindication of the corporate state.

                      Hence the hostility to fighting the Nazis, and especially to fighting them with conscripts from Quebec. Church and intelligentsia alike took anti-fascist news reports as so much British and Anglo-Canadian propaganda.

                      Pierre Trudeau was an apt student. In 1942, when he was 23, Pierre Trudeau was a leading organizer of a revolutionary cell called "LX," whose purpose was to conduct a coup leading to a corporatist, independent Catholic, and French Quebec. Catholic educators and writers had inspired these young revolutionaries; at least one Jesuit appears to have been among the organizers.

                      "Impale traitors alive"

                      Judging from Trudeau's anti-conscription speech in 1942 (supporting the young Jean Drapeau in an Outremont by-election), his would not have been a velvet revolution. Speaking to thousands at a rally, Trudeau said that government "traitors" should be "impaled alive."

                      And he urged his listeners that "if Outremont is so infamous that it elects La Fleche, and if because of Outremont conscription for overseas service comes into effect, I beg of you to eviscerate all the damned bourgeois of Outremont."

                      So Trudeau himself, as a young man, would not accept the democratic wishes of his fellow citizens. The only true French Canadians were those who thought as he did, and any who disagreed could not be legitimate representatives. Had the Anglos and Jews of Outremont voted for Drapeau, that was OK; when they voted instead for La Fleche, as they did, they were outsiders deserving only death. Democracy, in any case, would not survive Trudeau's coup.

                      Some say he grew up and changed, but in 1980, Trudeau's fascist approach again reared its ugly head with the National Energy Policy aimed at confiscating Alberta's resources, devasted the Alberta economy, and fueled an Alberta Separatist movement.

                      In the tradition of his father, the new fascist dictator Justin Trudeau has renewed attacks on Alberta again by attempting to impose "energy transition plans" that would devastate the Alberta entry sector based om the scientifically debunked theory that C02 is the control button for weather, again refueling the Alberta Separatist movement.

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	Screen Shot 2023-04-07 at 4.55.31 PM.png Views:	0 Size:	391.4 KB ID:	225842

                      "This book shines a light of devastating clarity on French-Canadian society in the 1930s and 1940s, when young elites were raised to be pro-fascist, and democratic and liberal were terms of criticism. The model leaders to be admired were good Catholic dictators like Mussolini, Salazar in Portugal, Franco in Spain, and especially Pétain, collaborator with the Nazis in Vichy France. There were even demonstrations against Jews who were demonstrating against the Nazis' actions in Germany.

                      Trudeau, far from being the rebel that other biographers have claimed, embraced this ideology. At his elite school, Brébeuf, he was a model student, the editor of the school magazine, and admired by the staff and his fellow students. But the fascist ideas and the people he admired—even when the war was going on, as late as 1944—included extremists so terrible that at the war’s end they were shot. And then there’s his manifesto and his plan to stage a revolution against les Anglais.

                      This is astonishing material—and it’s all demonstrably true—based on Trudeau's personal papers that the authors were allowed to access after his death. What they have found has astounded and distressed them, but they both agree that the truth must be published. "


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                      • Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH™ Retweeted

                        Truth Justice ™


                        THE PANDEMIC TRUTH: Learn how Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Tedros Ghebreyesus, Christian Drosten, Alex Azar, Ralph Baric, Peter Daszak, Klaus Schwab, Rockefellers, BlackRock, along with governments, and politicians used a false Pandemic to declare war on humanity. The Pandemic was planned years in advance to achieve many objectives. Through live pandemic exercises such as Event 201, they would be able in lockstep to create a fraudulent pandemic worldwide in every country on Earth.

                        The pandemic was never about public health but about achieving several goals. Though the virus was dangerous, it was no more difficult than the flu and could be treated with safe early treatments such as Ivermectin, vitamin D, C, Zinc, and other early treatment methods. Our governments around the world are not acting in the best interest of the people but are under the control of global corporations such as Pfizer and BlackRock and NGOs such as the (WHO) World Health Organization and (WEF) World Economic Forum, which combined will be known as "Mr. Global."

                        They use WEF-trained politicians, such as Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau, Jacinda Arden, Ursula von der Leyen, and others, to achieve their goals. They changed the definition of a Pandemic so it would not have to include severe illness and death worldwide but only worldwide cases or disease. To achieve the cases they needed to declare the Pandemic, they used a fraudulent PCR test that was never designed to be used as a diagnostic test. They announced a pandemic through fear, propaganda, and 97% false PCR cases. They ordered lockdowns, social distancing, and masking, which were never based on scientific data but were instruments to instill fear and control the populations.

                        Climate Change is now being used in the same way. Covid-19 was engineered in the U.S. after receiving an infectious clone of WIV1-CoV Spike protein from Wuhan, China. It was then released intentionally on the world. Anthony Fauci willfully funded this Gain of Function when it was illegal to do so. Ralph S. Baric created SARS-CoV-2 at Chapel Hill, the University of North Carolina, and lied to the world. The WHO is controlled by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and GAVI, the largest vaccine distributor in the world. There was no excess mortality anywhere in the world. It was medical malpractice that caused unnecessary deaths.

                        Patients were put on ventilators and given the deadly drug Remdesivir for profits and to create more deaths and fear. Before the Pandemic, U.S. Patents showed SARS-CoV-2, and the Covid vaccines were already created and ready to be deployed worldwide. Using fear, control, and blocking safe early treatments, they injected billions of unsuspecting innocent people with gene therapeutic experiments, never giving them true legal informed consent, which is a criminal violation of the Nuremberg Code.

                        Every invasive medical intervention is a bodily injury or criminal battery unless the patient explicitly consents to it, and his consent is invalid without having true informed consent. There was never a need for these lethal vaccines, we had safe early treatments, and there was never a Pandemic, only a PCR test Pandemic. The vaccines are entirely ineffective and highly dangerous. Through a whistleblower in the U.S., the number of deaths after vaccination in the U.S. is over 500,000 and has been growing every day since the vaccine rollouts.

                        Worldwide over 20 million. There are also severe side effects, such as neurological disorders, thrombosis, myocarditis, and autoimmune disease. The vaccines damage the immune system. The CDC knew the vaccines caused death and severe side effects and hid this from the world. The Pandemic was used to dramatically reduce the world's population and enact a one-world government under the United Nations with digital ID and digital currency for everyone. Unless we unite and stop them, they are using wars, pandemics, and climate change to achieve these goals.
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                        • ChessTalk

                          Negative Anthropogenic Climate Change (NACC) Thread

                          (Started: 21/12/9)

                          Click image for larger version

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                          Week # 14 (23/4/3 – 9: 7 days)

                          Weekly Stats:

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                          Analysis of Last Week's Stats

                          Last week the number of views were consistent with the week before and the year average to date. Interest remains steady on this climate change thread.

                          Climate Change Thread “Responses”

                          There are lots of climate change articles out there, both on negative anthropogenic climate change, and negative natural climate change.

                          This thread encourages CT'ers on all sides to re-post here, as responses, the climate change posts of interest they see elsewhere. Overall, ChessTalker's have been quite active here in posting “responses” and it seems that chessplayers across Canada are wanting information on climate change, a challenge unlike any our species has ever faced before.


                          1. The goal of this thread is not to woodshed an opposing view into submission. Every position is entitled to post as it sees fit, regardless of the kind of, and amount of, postings by other positions. What is wanted is serious consideration of all posts........then you decide.
                          2. I personally, as the thread originator, am trying to post a new response at least every 2nd day, but admit my busy schedule means I am sometimes falling short on this. So it is great that a number of other CT'ers are posting responses here somewhat regularly.

                          The Pressing Climate Change Issue

                          The core issue:

                          Building a sense of URGENCY on this issue in society. We must realize that we cannot kick it down the road any longer!

                          The public is aware of the climate change issue.......


                          climate activists must find strategies to “AWAKEN” the public to the “urgency”.

                          It is expected, though somewhat disheartening, to see other negative issues of the day climb immediately to the top of the public's agenda, with climate change being sometimes substantially downgraded in importance. We will all pay for this.........

                          The Time Line

                          Nature's Tipping point is estimated to be, on current trajectory, only 9 years away (Around Jan. 1, 2031). Capping the temperature rise at only 1.5 degrees Celsius (the original international target) is now impossible (UN Climate Change Panel's most recent report in March, 2023). Their position is that the problem at this time is mostly due to human activity, and that radical change in our method of living is the only way to avoid this rising, very problematic, temperature. UNCCP noted that current government deadlines were totally insufficient to solve the problem. CO 2 must be capped by 2025 since it is the main contributor to the problem! Methane is another greenhouse gas of concern, with some maintaining it contributes more to the problem than CO2. The extent of involvement in the greenhouse effect of water vapour is somewhat controversial.

                          Also, it has now become necessary to add in the process of CO 2 “removal”, along with “eliminating” the spewing of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere by human activity.

                          Our window of opportunity is fast closing.

                          The Large Picture Solutions

                          Can we come up with at least one viable suggestion of some impressive, radical thing that might wake up the public, that we could then put out there to other concerned climate activists?

                          Negative “Natural” Climate Change

                          This thread has had a number of CT'ers arguing for Natural Climate Change, and arguing that the human economic activity contribution to negative climate change is negligible. We are just in one of Nature's long warming cycles.

                          We would encourage everyone to consider the materials being presented, and then see whether they in any way change your perspective, if you are an adherent of negative Anthropogenic climate change. Whether you change anything, or not, your assessment of the evidence would be most welcome in this thread.

                          CT'ers' Local Actions on Climate Change

                          You can do something! When you like one of this thread's links on an aspect of climate change, spread the news by posting it to your social media accounts and other Websites/Discussion Boards you participate in!

                          ~ Bob (T-S/P)


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                            • Long-time Democratic political consultant, journalist, and organizer of the Feminist movement Dr.Niaomi Wolf's presentation of over 500,000 pages summarized by a team of 3500 scientists and Dr's, the Pfizer data that the FDA wanted to be hidden for 75 years but attorney Arron Siri in January 2022 obtained a court order and got the documents released via a Freedom of Information Act Request over ten months.


                              Click image for larger version  Name:	Screen Shot 2023-04-16 at 11.40.02 AM.png Views:	0 Size:	694.2 KB ID:	226042
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                              • The Endgame


                                Making sense of the past 3 years...

                                What might be coming and what we can do about it

                                JESSICA ROSE
                                APR 16, 2023





                                This article is going to be my own attempt at making sense of the past three years. Feel free to write comments: I want to hear your interpretations. I have broken this article down into a prologue and 5 subsequent parts in pictures and words. If you click on the pictures, you’ll be taken to the linked website.

                                First, a prologue.
                                The endgame

                                The endgame is conversion of the majority of human beings into workers. And by workers, I mean this as an entomologist would. The workers or ergates/dinergates in a colony of beings like ants, do the work. They are sterile and they work for the benefit and survival of the queen (fertile) and the lucky disposable guy (also fertile) that mates with her to ensure the propagation of the species. This is awesome for ants. Not so much for human beings. Human beings are not ants.

                                The play-out of the endgame goes beyond de-humanization of human beings but certainly requires it. In my eyes, the aim is to systematically remove the individual component of the human being - the source of creation and creativity: the spirit. We’ve already seen this reveal itself in the past three years. The systematic nature of the conversion will be slight-of-hand - pretty much undetectable, by most. I might even go as far to say, that the masses will ask for it - without even knowing that they are. Not many of my readers will disagree with that statement, I think. We all see it.

                                What really bothers me about this endgame are the soulless harpies that think that they deserve the roles of queen or king. They don’t. They’ve demonstrated a clear lack of creativity, intelligence, leadership, compassion, courage, honesty - all of the good things that comprise a human being. If you think about it, we’re already in the soulless harpy royal toilet, since we are all pretty much slaves to the entirely out-dated notions of the so-called kings and queens of modern times.

                                Maybe once upon a time, a man was worthy of being called a king, and a female was worthy of being called a queen, but not anymore. These roles have been stolen by imposters.
                                5 parts

                                Social media is rank-stank-full of nothing much more than the 5 parts posted below. From trans ‘movements’ to CBDCs, they are all inextricably linked to the fourth part: the WHO/UN (ghates’)-driven descriptive plan to destroy sovereignty of self and nation. This fourth part: the PANDEMIC PREPAREDNESS TREATY, is something you need to prioritize reading about. I mean, the most important thing that you need to do today is to read about this Treaty. Don’t just think about it: do it. If this ‘Treaty’ goes through, it’s over. Please go to this website to learn about what they have done so far, and what they plan to do very soon.

                                As a prelude, they write this:
                                The intergovernmental negotiating body, tasked with drafting and negotiating this international instrument, will hold its next meeting by 1 August 2022, to discuss progress on a working draft. It will then deliver a progress report to the 76th World Health Assembly in 2023, with the aim to adopt the instrument by 2024.

                                They aren’t moving slowly. They have already held some creepy meetings with their hand-picked bureaucrat bunch, and they plan to implement in 2024. That’s soon. We can stop it, however. I’ll round-about back to this and weave in an out of it throughout this article.
                                1. COVID-19

                                The first part of the play-out to the endgame is COVID-19. I’ve been through the washer on this as most of us have been for the past 3 years. So many questions. What was it? A virus? Was it made in a lab? Are the injections killing us? Why would they make an injection that wouldn’t be safe? How did they so readily coordinate the locking up of the people of the world? Why are so many good people being marginalized and silenced for simply doing what they always have in science? Why have the pharmaceutical companies made so much profit off of the suffering of so many people? Why is the VAERS data and other pharmacovigilance data being ignored or even made out to be irrelevant? Why aren’t causality assessments or PRR or Bayesian assessments being done by HHS or FDA or CDC?

                                So very many unanswered questions.

                                What was done to us? In response. A handful of people decided that it was a good idea, based on atrociously bad predictive models, to lock everyone up as a way to ‘flatten the curve’. What the hell was that anyway? What curve? They lied so hard about how long that crap was going to last.

                                Airports were closed. We were isolated. We were terrorized. Our loved ones were isolated. We were forced to close our businesses. Our elders were left alone in deplorable conditions to die alone and terrified. Our mothers and fathers and grandmothers and grandfathers. We were terrorized. We were beaten. We were chased. We were forced to give up personal information and details. We were imposed upon in ways that are not acceptable. It was enforced.

                                What made extra no-sense to me was the fact that the thug cache in riot gear was already dressed up and ready to go beat down civilians on command. When did they manufacture all that riot gear? When did they train these people? How was this all co-ordinated so effortlessly?

                                It was all pre-planned. That’s how.

                                What else happened? Well, because there was no such thing as an immune system as of 2020, many were forced/coerced to be injected with an as yet experimental, non-FDA approved product that was by no means, a conventional vaccine. The mRNA products are transfection technology in lipid nanoparticle coating. We were told that we all had to get injected, lest we all be murderers. There were no treatments, there was no help, and definitely no immune system. Only the injections. The experimental injections. But it was an emergency! Death! Emergency! Anti-vaxxer! ‘Green pass’. We were told to go home if we couldn’t breathe and to seek medical attention only at the blue-lip stage. In that scenario, the protocol was executed in the hospital setting (pardon the pun), where Remdesivir was administered, and vents were inserted into orifices. And people died there.

                                People lost jobs. Or people kept their jobs and felt soulless for doing something they did not want to do. Or worse, they got injured. People lost loved ones. People are STILL getting mocked and demonized for doing the right thing - taking the shot ‘for the team’, getting injured, and then being called an ‘anti-vaxxer’ for asking if the shot caused their heart attack. People lost faith. People lost friends. People lost hope. People lost their savings.

                                If you wanted to make humans sterile workers, how would you do it? Think about it. Better yet, think about how to stop it. Embrace the truth that the ‘movement’ is the enemy, and your anger and action should be aimed at them, not at individuals.

                                Please watch Viva Frei’s interview with TullipR/Ritche for wonderful insight into the real story behind the ‘movement’. This interview is so perfectly descriptive of what I tried to write and describe here. Please do watch it.
                                1. CLIMATE CHANGE

                                The above climate change thing ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ has no bearing in science or reality. It is a fabrication to enable the endgame. The way this will be used against us - likely in early 2024 - will be by abusing their new Treaty on Pandemic Prevention ‘power’ to lock up the world ad infinitum under the guise of some climate catastrophe, likely linked to some ‘deadly pathogen’ passed to humans via some insect vector like a mosquito. They will be able to do whatever they want with us since the CBDC will be in place by then, and maybe if you’ve used too much carbon, you carbon-based life form, you won’t get to eat. Fun!
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