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  • Here is an excellent article for the layperson to understand how the experimental genetic injections AKA "vaccines," work.

    Health Viewpoints

    For the first time in human history, the gene regulatory program of healthy people has been manipulated on a massive scale.

    Despite everything we’ve been told, RNA-based COVID-19 injections were manufactured with modified RNA—not messenger RNA (mRNA).

    Modified RNA (modRNA) poses substantial risks to our health.

    These risks come not only from COVID-19 injections and boosters but—unless we speak up now—also from all future RNA-based vaccines.
    mRNA and modRNA Are Not the Same

    The two—mRNA and modRNA—are completely different.

    mRNA occurs naturally, lives in our cells for only a short time, and is relatively fragile. It is a specific type of RNA that carries instructions or “messages” from our genes to help make proteins, the building blocks of our cells. It is constantly produced as part of normal cellular processes. Once mRNA delivers the messages, its work is done, and it is broken down in the body.

    When RNA from another source enters our cells—virus RNA, for example—these cells can generate virus proteins.

    We have been told that COVID-19 injections are made with mRNA. However, a vaccine using “natural” mRNA would not last long enough to initiate an immune response before being destroyed by our immune system.

    To make mRNA useful for routine medicine, scientists had to artificially modify mRNA to increase both its efficiency and lifetime. The result: modRNA.

    modRNA is created in a laboratory.

    The therapeutic application of modRNA in humans presents challenges and dangers.

    Alarmingly, modRNA contains a viral gene sequence. Upon entering a cell, modRNA takes control of the cell machinery and reprograms it to produce a viral protein—for example, spike protein.

    Perhaps most astonishing is that, when creating the COVID-19 vaccines and boosters, scientists already knew that targeted delivery of modRNA was impossible. modRNA cannot be targeted to specific cells. As such, it attacks perfectly healthy cells—even beyond natural barriers like the blood-brain barrier.

    The continuous production of an artificial viral protein robs the cell of energy, disrupts its metabolism, and leads to the cell no longer being able to perform its vital task for the organism as a whole.

    What’s worse, with virus proteins generated in them, those cells are subsequently destroyed by our immune system.

    Despite these dire shortcomings, Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna launched a large-scale production of COVID-19 “vaccines” using modRNA.
    The Body Responds Differently to Natural Infection Versus modRNA Injection

    Spike protein is well known to represent a poison for our body.

    In the case of natural infection, our immune system will prevent the virus from infecting our body cells by neutralizing it via specific antibodies, with the possibility of cross-immunity being effective also against virus variants.

    With the modRNA injection, our immune system does not have a chance to prevent the lipid nanoparticles from transferring modRNA into our cells—all cells, not just some cells with the appropriate receptor for binding of the virus (as would be the case in natural infection).
    The Virus and the Vaccine Are Not the Same

    Though some have argued that the body’s response to the modRNA vaccine is similar to a response to the actual virus, this is not true.

    First, let us look at the natural virus and our body’s response to it:
    • The virus RNA is like a blueprint. It contains instructions for all the parts needed (not just for spike protein) to make a new virus.
    • The virus RNA exists within a protein envelope. Our immune system would build various antibodies (not just against spike protein), thus building some degree of cross-immunity to deal with virus variants.
    • The majority of respiratory viruses are prevented from entering our body by the immune system located in the oral and nasal mucosa. The virus does not inject its RNA into blood vessels but binds to a specific receptor on the cell surface and then directly injects RNA into the cell.

    It must be emphasized that only specific cells (namely those carrying the appropriate receptor on the cell surface) can be infected.

    Our immune system’s job is to destroy a cell that has been infected with a virus to prevent replication of the virus and subsequent infection of new cells. Notably, our immune system will stop the process once that battle is won (typically, within a few days).

    Next, let us examine the body’s response to the modRNA injection (“the vaccine”):
    • The vaccine contains modRNA for only the spike protein; therefore, vaccination provides no cross-immunity.
    • The vaccine-modRNA has no protein envelope but is instead wrapped by a lipid nanoparticle.
    • Lipid nanoparticles will not need receptors to enter a cell. Lipid nanoparticles are built of lipids, as is the cell membrane; therefore, both lipid membranes will simply merge.
    • The immune system generates antibodies to combat antigens, which could include pathogens (viruses, bacteria), foreign particles (fungal spores, allergens), or any substances that provoke a specific immune response. However, the lipid nanoparticles that transport modRNA are devoid of these antigens, enabling them to bypass the specific immune system unnoticed and induce nonspecific inflammation. This dynamic triggers an escalation in the immune system’s activity, leading to the production of an increasing quantity of antibodies against the spike protein. Each subsequent booster dose of lipid nanoparticles delivers an escalating quantity of modRNA. This, in turn, prompts an uninterrupted production of new spike proteins.
    • Vaccines are injected into muscle. However, it is nearly impossible to inject directly into a muscle cell (large syringe versus small cell). As muscles are strongly supplied with blood, very often, syringes will violate blood vessels. The normal situation will be that the vaccine will be placed between the muscle cells, the so-called intercellular space. Fluid in the intercellular space will be collected as lymph fluid, finally merging with the blood.
    • The vaccine and booster modRNA will continue to produce spike protein (for weeks or even months, which is entirely different from a natural infection), as our cell machinery (e.g., the enzyme RNase) cannot destroy the artificial modRNA. Researchers have found that some severe cases of COVID-19 were not due to the presence of the virus but to a dysregulation of the immune system (called a “cytokine storm”).
    Research Reveals modRNA’s Poor Safety Profile

    The focus shifted to modRNA.

    Injected modRNA can result in thrombosis followed by stroke, myocardial infarction, or pulmonary embolism and can promote the formation of blood clots inside blood vessels.

    Studying the open-access databases—including those in the United States, Europe, and the UK—on COVID-19 vaccine adverse effects, one can see that these risks have become real-life side effects for people who received the COVID-19 injections.
    Just Released: Previously Confidential Report on COVID-19-Related Fatalities

    In June 2023, in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, some of these adverse effects were made public when previously confidential reports by BioNTech to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) were released. The reports included data collected during a six-month period from December 2021 to June 2022 and cumulative data beginning December 2020 (pdf).

    The data revealed 3,280 fatalities among a group of 508,351 individuals receiving the vaccine during a combined period that included clinical trials and postmarketing. These deaths, and tens of thousands of serious adverse events, happened during a period when the vaccine makers insisted the modRNA-based injections were safe.
    Natural mRNA and synthetic modRNA are not the same. (The Epoch Times)

    It is nonsensical that any cell in our body would be programmed to produce as much of a viral protein as possible for as long as possible. This is highly contrary to natural viral infection and will result in hyperactivation of the immune system.

    Forcing perfectly healthy people to take a gene-based modRNA injection—sold as a vaccine—is both unethical and dangerous.


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      • As someone who is STILL unvaccinated ... and has the independent strength not to trust your modRNA ... your tech mRNA invention / manipulations ... I am so very concerned for ALL your long term health.

        Hope those those myocarditis numbers stop increasing. Hope the cancer numbers begin to level off.

        Accountability is coming.

        Albeit, incredibly slowly.
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        • Lawsuit Takes on COVID-19 Regime, From Inception of the Virus to Negligent Hospital Care: EcoHealth Alliance and US Government Under Fire

          In a sweeping and dramatic lawsuit filed on August 2, attorney Patricia Finn is representing four surviving family members in wrongful death claims, as well as one injured plaintiff. Cause of death? COVID-19. Defendant? Those named are EcoHealth Alliance and its president Peter Daszak, best known for conducting gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. This case was brought in the Supreme Court of the State of New York (in that state, the trial court is called the “supreme court”). Complex cases such as this can take quite a while to get to a jury trial, so we won’t know the result of this suit for some time. On the other hand, early in the suit both sides will be able to conduct “discovery” (lawyer-talk for requesting and exchanging evidence between parties). So, attorney Finn should have access to inside documents from the defendants and, likely, the US government. Further, she can take depositions, so perhaps we will see Mr. Daszak and even Anthony Fauci required to take an oath and further explain exactly what they were doing in Wuhan. For now, we can review the Complaint to see what these plaintiffs intend to prove with evidence. The causes of action include negligence, strict liability for both abnormally dangerous activities and “common law public nuisance,” a claim for both negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress, civil conspiracy, and wrongful death.
          John Does 1 Through 100

          According to the Complaint, Mary Conroy died on August 12, 2021 “as a direct and proximate result of medical complications caused by an infection of the virus which is now known as Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2),” one Emma D. Holley died on the same date with the same cause of death, and two more folks died, likewise, with the same cause listed. One plaintiff, Paul Rinker, survived COVID-19 and is claiming personal injuries. The Complaint also lists as defendants John/Jane Does 1 though100 and assert that these as yet unknown persons “are believed…to have exposed Plaintiffs to undue risk and actual harm by helping provide funding, research Gain of Function and eventually create and release the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and who conspired to cover up both the research, creation and release, whether accidental or intentional, thus causing Plaintiffs to suffer serious injuries and death.”
          Does include government, military, scientists

          Finn next says that the deaths and injury would not have occurred but for these unnamed defendants’’ “research, funding, invention and release of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.” Further, “Had Defendants immediately taken steps prior to the release of the virus to shut down the research, funding and performance of GOF, the SARS-CoV-2 virus would not have been released which would have prevented the severe injuries and death of the Plaintiffs----Defendants Does #1-#100 include, but are not limited to, governments, government officials, military personnel, scientists, professors, hospital organizations, hospitals, medical providers, elected officials, and other individuals who conspired with the aforementioned defendants and/or are responsible for Plaintiff’s severe injuries, death, and the cover-up of said virus and its origins.”
          Protocol contributed to death

          The plaintiffs’’ complaint continues on how the “case involves the Defendants EcoHealth and Daszak first researching, funding and creating the SARS-CoV-2 virus and releasing it, either intentionally or accidentally, with the aid of Jane and John Does #1-#100, following which Jane and John Does #1-#100 conspired to increase the likelihood of death in those infected by SARS-CoV-2 by following protocols, including but not limited to, the use of Remdesivir, Dexamethasone, Fentanyl, and Midazolam combined with other forms of sedation and eventual intubation. To achieve the sedation and intubation, Plaintiff(s) were restrained by Jane and John Does #1-#100.”

          Re the virus’s purported creation and release, the Complaint delves into some detail about the gain-of-function research at WIV and how more virulent and deadly versions were under way. Specifically it charges the defendants with “Collecting, transporting, stockpiling storing, creating, generating, modifying, testing and handling dangerous coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2, which they knew to be harmful to humans and capable of causing a pandemic; and…[d]eliberately engaging in the creation and genetic modification of dangerous coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2, for the purpose of enhancing their virulence, transmissibility and lethality for human beings, knowing that as modified the coronaviruses would be even more harmful to humans and capable of causing a pandemic….”
          Case may expose origins of pandemic

          As to conspiracy, participants who agreed to commit overt acts in furtherance thereof, “included but were not limited to Dr. Shi Zhengli, a Chinese virologist based at the WIV laboratories in Wuhan, China. Dr. Shi Zhengli participated in and oversaw and directed the SARS coronaviruses, and the further genetic modification of the SARS coronaviruses for the purpose of enhancing their virulence, transmissibility and lethality for human beings.”

          As noted at the outset, this is a case to watch. It could potentially both compensate those who lost loved ones to SARS-CoV-2 and expose the extent to which EcoHealth and the US government contributed to the creation of this global scourge. And it’s notable that even after much of the gain-of-function work was well known, EcoHealth has had its contract to “protect us” from the next virus reinstated. According to the US House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Oversight Subcommittee Chairperson, Morgan Griffith: “It’s absolutely reckless that the NIH has renewed a grant for EcoHealth Alliance given their negligence and the breach of their contract with the NIH on the coronavirus research done at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. It is now believed likely that COVID-19 was the result of a lab incident at the Wuhan Institute.”



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              • @CShoemakerMD

                The MORE JABBS YOU GET, the MORE DEAD YOU GET. Nice job Health Canada Nice job PHAC Nice job CPSO KEEP UP THE GREAT VACCINE SAFETY ASSESSMENTS. ** Your protection of Canadians has been pathetic.

                Click image for larger version

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                • Message to the Unvaccinated

                  ...they are the special kind

                  ...conquered horizons

                  ...passed an unimaginable test

                  Thanks for that Brad Wylde ... for sure we are all of that and so much more, eh!


                  • Message to the Unvaccinated

                    ... the best part of humanity

                    ... they are the superheros

                    ... they did what others can not
                    Thanks again Brad Wylde ... for sure we are all of that and so much more, eh!


                    • Sen. Elizabeth Warren D-Mass

                      "I think we should be imposing mask mandates, I believe that requiring people to vaccinate so we have safe workplaces just makes a lot of sense."
                      While serving 10 years in Congress with an annual salary of $193,000, she managed to increase her net worth to $73,000,000.


                      • Originally posted by Neil Frarey View Post
                        Sen. Elizabeth Warren D-Mass

                        While serving 10 years in Congress with an annual salary of $193,000, she managed to increase her net worth to $73,000,000.
                        Hi Neal,
                        Too many of her type in USA... not enough room in that country's prisons for all of them...


                        • Originally posted by Dilip Panjwani View Post

                          Hi Neal,
                          Too many of her type in USA... not enough room in that country's prisons for all of them...
                          Same in Canada

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                          • Originally posted by Dilip Panjwani View Post

                            Hi Neal,
                            Too many of her type in USA... not enough room in that country's prisons for all of them...
                            Hi Dilip,

                            You know how I measure the 'human' value of most any politician?

                            Local level or broader level?


                            Hopeful people ... wanting people ... with their desires and ambitions to become Politicians ... are so very earnest and so very heart felt with their oh-so-personal front door knocking and telephone calling.


                            We have all experienced, in our own private homes, their personal appearances, right? Door-to-door ... face-to-face. Robocalling urgency.

                            So where are they AFTER they win ... AFTER they lose???

                            Where? Huh? Where?

                            That, Dilip, is the measure of a sincere human! One who is to represent you and me! After they win or lose ... come by our homes ... make that call ... just take a moment to say ... thank you.

                            That, Dilip, is the true measure of a human being.


                            • If the Earth was all local political units (A collection of villages), then we could have direct democracy, eliminate representative democracy (Politicians), and government would be the secretariat for carrying out the will of the people.

                              It is not a pipe just needs people to come forward and demand it.

                              Bob A


                              • Originally posted by Bob Armstrong View Post
                                If the Earth was all local political units (A collection of villages), then we could have direct democracy, eliminate representative democracy (Politicians), and government would be the secretariat for carrying out the will of the people.

                                It is not a pipe just needs people to come forward and demand it.

                                Bob A
                                Yes, that could work very well, except in the 'villages' adopting DM, from where the hard and smart working would leave in a hurry, leaving behind 'citizens' only good at eyeing other people's money and being unable to do so any more!