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  • Killing FIELDS of CAMBODIA, do you think that was bad? Do you think Kampuchea during Khmer Rouge rule was bad? Well, in Ontario, Canada, under Doug Ford's conservative government (uniparty with the liberals),

    it was the KILLING FIELDS in nursing homes, long-term facilities, old-aged homes, and for-profit nursing homes that were worst! Nurses, doctors, and staff KILLED our parents and grandparents with the "COVID protocol"!

    FEB 4, 2024

    This was about greed, power, malice, malfeasance, ineptness, just cruelty! Depopulation. This was about a fraud fake non-pandemic, a deadly mRNA Malone, Bourla, Bancel, Weissman et al. mRNA vaccine, this is about deadly medical management of our most precious elderly etc. in health facilities under the black hole of the COVID protocol.

    Hang them!

    How did they kill our families? A false-positive COVID diagnosis often, they were 95% false-positive, then isolated behind that glass wall, no doctor the nurse would touch them, left our parents dying in misery in their feces and piss, maggots eating away at them, we pulled back the blankets and saw mounds of feces, they were quickly dehydrated, malnourished that hastened death, DNR orders against family wishes, denial of needed antibiotics often for bacterial pneumonia secondary to any viral infection or ILI, they then sedated granny using deadly cocktails of propofol, midazolam, fentanyl, lorazepam, diamorphine, etc.), then pumped her with excessive deadly liver and kidney toxic drugs like Remdesivir, and then put her in the ground by placing her on a ventilator that blew massive holes in her lungs and caused ventilator-associated pneumonia.

    These fuckers killed our parents, these medical doctors, and you want fucking amnesty?

    Never! Drag Doug Ford into court.

    The KILLING FIELDS that occured in Canada’s hospitlas and nursing homes would have made Kampuchea during Khmer Rouge rule blush I tell you, the concentration of murder. It was murder in the FIRST!

    I say hang these people high, take them to courts and juries first to legally examine and fairly but if shown they did wrong and caused deaths, if judges say they caused deaths, reckless, deliberate, anyhow, then we hang them!

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    • To maim and kill people ... deliberately.

      Former VP of Pfizer.


      • CDC redacts every single word of 148 page study on Myocarditis after Covid Vaccination ...

        ... who ordered the destruction of this myocarditis data.


        So how many Covid19 booster shots have been injected into you all by now?

        5? 6? ... 9?

        I seriously don't know.
        Thankfully, I still don't have this experimental mRNA technology injected into my body.



        • The Notice of Liability delivered to individuals at the W.H.O. this week

          Addressing both corporate and personal liability in wrongdoing

          MAY 07, 2024




          Below you will find the text of the Notice of Liability delivered to Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Dr Maria van Kerkhove, Dr Janet Diaz and Jeremy Farrar this week. It was drafted with the help of specialist international lawyers and health scientists. Feel free to copy, paste and adapt for the purpose of notifying others of their liability in relation to the Covid-19 fraud.

          Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus: a man

          dba: Director General World Health Organisation (WHO)

          Office of the Director General

          Avenue Appia 20

          1202 Geneva - Switzerland       

          6th day in the month of May in the year 2024

          Dear Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (hereafter ‘you’),
          Re: Notice upon Harm and to Cease and Desist

          On behalf of living men, women and all their sons and daughters living right now and those yet to be born on Earth, we hereby place you: a man: Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, doing business as the Director General of the World Health Organisation (hereafter W.H.O), on notice that:
          1. Your actions carried out in the capacity of Director General of the W.H.O during the Covid-19 chapter, principally consisting of falsely informing world governments of a so-called pandemic, thereby causing governments to declare non-existent medical emergencies, have been and are still an integral part of a chain of events that is resulting in mass loss of life, immense physical harm and untold psychological distress and trauma to the people on this planet;
          2. Said actions appear to have led to Governments deploying insufficiently tested SARS-CoV-2 genetically modified organisms (GMOs) falsely termed ‘vaccines’ being also gene therapies, mandating unscientific masking protocols, implementing inhumane and anti-scientific ‘social distancing’ measures, purchasing and deploying ineffective and fraudulent PCR tests subsequently used to create false ‘casedemics’ in order to justify unlawful ‘lockdowns’, business closures and house arrest;
          3. We demand that, with immediate effect, you cease and desist from taking further actions that would involve false and fraudulent communication to governments thereby causing or resulting in further instances of the kind of catastrophic outcomes outlined above.
          Notice upon Personal Liability

          We also put you on notice that failure to cease or desist from continued or repeated involvement or implication in the above harms shall render you liable both in your personal and corporate capacity. As a man, you shall be investigated for criminal conspiracy. As a corporate officer, you shall be investigated for gross negligence, serious misconduct in public office, corporate fraud and potentially even aiding and abetting corporate manslaughter.

          Further to the above Notices, and in order to clarify our position, may we take this opportunity respectfully to remind you of your own position and legal responsibilities.
          WHO Constitutional Obligation

          As early as 2021, international experts were cautioning against the novel Covid strategies recommended by the WHO Covid team, especially but not limited to the experimental modRNA medical technologies developed at ‘warp speed’ to function purportedly as vaccines.

          The WHO Constitution states in Article 67 that members of the WHO may enjoy ‘such privileges and immunities as may be necessary for the fulfilment of its objective and for the exercise of its functions.” Such privileges and immunity, whilst patently unfair, inequitable and dangerous, only apply when fulfilling the Article 1 objective.

          By your unilateral recommendation of harmful Covid strategies, The People, represented by the World Council for Health, do not believe that you acted in accordance with your constitutional obligations in Article 1. If your actions are found to be in contravention of Article 1, you will not be covered by Article 67 of the WHO Constitution that provides for the stated protection and immunity. In other words, you may be personally liable for the millions of deaths and immense suffering caused on account of your role in the unlawful authorisation of these harmful recommendations. Moreover, given the blatant conflicts of interest evident in the WHO’s activities, closely connected to commercial interests, immunity is not guaranteed when acting at the behest of those interests.
          Consequences of your WHO Covid Policies, Recommendations, Advice and Omissions

          1. Immeasurable suffering and death

          In the past four years, billions of people who trusted and complied with WHO-based country government advice have experienced ongoing physical and mental suffering, illness, disability, loss of income, poverty, child abuse, other violence, and even death as a result.
          2. Human rights violations

          Country governments worldwide implemented severe emergency measures directly based on WHO recommendations that consequently resulted in widespread violations of fundamental human rights. Boys, girls and babies were masked and injected. Living men and women expressing, or wishing to express their right to free speech, travel, bodily autonomy, and to choose, were threatened, intimidated, coerced, neglected, abused and in some cases assaulted, imprisoned or killed. The WHO did nothing to address the harm it caused.
          3. Failure to recommend inexpensive, safe and effective treatments and remedies for Covid-19

          Covid-19 can be effectively treated with safe and established multi-purpose generic medicines, including ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, in combination with zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, and other immune-boosting, health-promoting and anti-coagulant treatments. Failure to disclose and raise awareness of these, and failure to recommend ivermectin widely in combination with zinc for early use, meant that millions of people suffered and many died as a result of not being offered effective early and late treatments.

          By recommending ivermectin only in the context of clinical trials and omitting sound and practical advice on how to attain the highest level of health during the Covid-19 scare, ivermectin and other effective treatments were withheld in many countries in favour of expensive GMO drugs, emergency-authorized patented pharmaceutical drugs without safety records. Thus, in your personal capacity, the world’s people may hold you responsible for the consequences of serious omissions related to safe, effective treatments for Covid-19, in preference for undisclosed .


          • Yup, just getting started ... sigh.