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  • Killing FIELDS of CAMBODIA, do you think that was bad? Do you think Kampuchea during Khmer Rouge rule was bad? Well, in Ontario, Canada, under Doug Ford's conservative government (uniparty with the liberals),

    it was the KILLING FIELDS in nursing homes, long-term facilities, old-aged homes, and for-profit nursing homes that were worst! Nurses, doctors, and staff KILLED our parents and grandparents with the "COVID protocol"!

    FEB 4, 2024

    This was about greed, power, malice, malfeasance, ineptness, just cruelty! Depopulation. This was about a fraud fake non-pandemic, a deadly mRNA Malone, Bourla, Bancel, Weissman et al. mRNA vaccine, this is about deadly medical management of our most precious elderly etc. in health facilities under the black hole of the COVID protocol.

    Hang them!

    How did they kill our families? A false-positive COVID diagnosis often, they were 95% false-positive, then isolated behind that glass wall, no doctor the nurse would touch them, left our parents dying in misery in their feces and piss, maggots eating away at them, we pulled back the blankets and saw mounds of feces, they were quickly dehydrated, malnourished that hastened death, DNR orders against family wishes, denial of needed antibiotics often for bacterial pneumonia secondary to any viral infection or ILI, they then sedated granny using deadly cocktails of propofol, midazolam, fentanyl, lorazepam, diamorphine, etc.), then pumped her with excessive deadly liver and kidney toxic drugs like Remdesivir, and then put her in the ground by placing her on a ventilator that blew massive holes in her lungs and caused ventilator-associated pneumonia.

    These fuckers killed our parents, these medical doctors, and you want fucking amnesty?

    Never! Drag Doug Ford into court.

    The KILLING FIELDS that occured in Canada’s hospitlas and nursing homes would have made Kampuchea during Khmer Rouge rule blush I tell you, the concentration of murder. It was murder in the FIRST!

    I say hang these people high, take them to courts and juries first to legally examine and fairly but if shown they did wrong and caused deaths, if judges say they caused deaths, reckless, deliberate, anyhow, then we hang them!

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    • To maim and kill people ... deliberately.

      Former VP of Pfizer.